The woman I know

The woman I know

The woman I know

There is a woman I know,

Who always keeps her head up high

Her eyes sparkle like the bright star

She has the stamina, beauty,

That courage one would admire

The love and happiness she inspires

A woman that sees no wrong

Her beauty shines from inside out

It flows like a journey

Down a long route

Her smiles, like the sun rising over the horizon

Her intelligence, not surprising

Who goes an extra mile

No one ever sees her fall apart

To the girl whose beauty is present in all seasons

Her beauty extends into the heavens

It goes on forever and never lessens

Even when the cloud heightens

She is there, the world brightens.

Like that fruit that constantly ripens

Wherever she is, loveliness is sure to follow

Her beauty seems to increase with every breathe

So natural, it tests the limits imagination can stretch

An angel with no match

Makes me question if what I’m seeing is real

No hiding, it’s always seen

The power of her smile

The world’s greatest gift

The heaviest Boulder

It could possibly lift.

A girl this perfect I never knew

All that changed the moment I knew you

Heaven on earth I was not aware

Until I met a girl crafted with such care

You would be the answer to a prayer

If someone asks for something rare with beauty to spare

And if I had a choice

I would choose this girl over air

For air can’t compare

To a girl not found elsewhere.


The woman I know

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