Teach him to love you

Teach him to love you

Teach him to love youLove songs have taught us all sorts of things about what to expect from men in relationships.

But hey, I hope you know that love songs are designed to be so flowery to appeal to your emotions and not really because you can find a man who is that perfect. You may find a man who comes close to being a gentleman, charming, romantic and supportive but he will still have moments that he won’t be on top of his game. 

Therefore, if you find such a man, hold on to him tightly, rather than whine about his one or two slip-ups. Teach him what he is not doing right. 

I have heard ladies say that they don’t want to teach their men how to love them. Lord knows that I have said such myself a few times because you just want to wake up in the morning and have you man say/ do the perfect thing at the right time without you having to prompt him. Oh, the bliss of that moment! However, I have come back down to earth and understood one vital thing- he is human and no psychic. Sometimes, I just have to tell him what I want because if he is to go by what he believes is okay, he might piss me off.

Of course, when it comes to basic things like someone hurt you, your man should offer a shoulder; if you’re sick, your man should nurse you; someone annoyed you at work, your man should patiently listen to you complain, etc. However, there are subtle moments when you are sad and you need him to just listen, not offer words of comfort. How would he know what to do in such situations if you don’t teach him?

You have no right to get angry when you man slips up sometimes if you have not taught him before what he should do.


Teach him to love you

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