Is he right for you?

Is he right for you?

Is he right for you?

We all look for our soul mates. Therefore, finding a guy who complements you is like the best thing ever. So, if you find a guy and you are wondering if he is the one, what you should be looking out for is compatibility. 
However, if you are just getting to know him, you may be wondering how to know you two are compatible. So here are few clues to watch out for so you will know if he is right for you. 

1. His Ego

We all know that men naturally have big egos but if he is unreasonable, it will show. An arrogant man will be rude and care little about your opinions. He will try to make every conversation be about him, so cut out if he is haughty.

2. His commitment

Well, this shows even in little things. He will be interested in talking to you often, texting, hanging out and everything else that will move the relationship forward. If he seems nonchalant then you should move on.

3. His respect

This is big deal. No guy who looks down on you is worth a second of your time. If he does not esteem all that concerns you then there couldn’t be a future for you two.

4. His vision

I can’t emphasize this enough. If you thinking of the long haul then he had better be driven toward an identified purpose. 

5. His maturity

This is an encompassing term. It matters how emotionally responsible he is. If he angers easily or holds grudges or vents out on you then you should be weary of him. 

6. His Romance nature

He does not have to be Romeo but he should have a sweet and charming side. In the long run, it will matter that he’s romantic. You can’t have a guy who is serious all the time.


Is he right for you?

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