The other side 23

The other side 23

The other side 23

The other side

Chapter 23

Day 22/23


Julie charged at Bernice but it was of no use, Bernice was way too powerful; with a quick force field she sent Julie metres backwards. Jack suddenly bold, but it was of no use either, she held him against the wall and threw him towards the same direction.

Julie was not ready to give this up, she charged at Bernice again but Bernice had taken off, soon the apartment went silent with Jack and Julie  pacing breathlessly.

“Favour is gone?”

Julie asked like she needed someone to confirm what she just witnessed.

Jack didn’t have a favourable answer so he kept quiet.

“What can I do without her?”

Jack was still speechless, there was no word of encouragement popping up.

He sighed and tried to at least say something meaningful.

“Julie, we can still do this, we would think of something”
“Am sorry Jack but I am new to all this, Favour has been my backbone, without her I can do nothing”

Jack didn’t like the fact that she was giving up already.

“Come on Julie, are you giving this up? We can still do this with or without Favour”

She was quiet now. Jack assumed she saw reasons with him but it was far from it. Suddenly she fired back again.

“Jack I have 7days left, 7days, how do I accomplish everything before I am wiped off existence?”
“You are not going anywhere, I won’t let the gatekeeper take you”

Julie scoffed at that, what could he possibly do? 

“Oh Jack please, I’m guessing if she reappears here now you would pee on you pants”

Jack found her words a little insulting but she was right about one thing 

“You are right, I might pee on my pants because she is the ruler of the ghost whatever…and I am human, it’s not a fair fight… But that doesn’t mean I won’t fight, it doesn’t mean I won’t fight for you”

Julie was getting confused with his recent fight-for-you escapades.
“Why? Why would you fight for me?”

He didn’t hesitate to answer 

“Because you would do the same for me”

It was a great answer, but it wasn’t the one Julie had hoped for.

“Just that?”
“Yea what else?”

He had gone minutes into the silence that followed before he understood what she meant.

“Oh Julie I…”
“No it’s OK Jack”

All of a sudden it felt so embarrassing 

“It’s not like I can force you to love me…am not human, I am a ghost so….

She didn’t wait for another word from him, she took off.

He stood for a while to ponder on where he went wrong.

“I didn’t say anything bad, did I?”

He dug his hands into his back pocket to dig out his car keys.

“Well it seems I would be seeing Tony alone”


Julie sat on a rock at a beach…she was both pissed and scared of what her fate would be now…Favour was everything to her, she saw Favour as someone would wouldn’t leave her side. Suddenly she resolved to meet with Bernice over the issue. Something has to be done.


Jack arrived at Tony’s apartment. His wife welcomed him warmly and urged him to wait for Tony who stepped out a minute ago. She persuaded him to eat her sumptuous meal and helped him relax with a movie. He was beginning to suspect her kind gesture, but later waved it off when Tony appeared.

“Jack? Come with me, quick”

Tony didn’t hesitate the moment he set eyes on Jack.


“If you want to see the gatekeeper, all you have to do is think of her”

Julie could still remember Favour’s word.

And the moment she did she appeared before the gatekeeper.

“What do you want Julie, you are supposed to be all over Jack now, your time is almost up and he doesn’t love you”

Bernice tone was of mockery and Julie sensed it.

“How could you? What did I ever do to you? Why do you hate me so much?”

Julie couldn’t understand why the Bernice was against her and all the efforts she made.

“You started it dear, you broke the rules of the other side. You can’t blame this on me”
“You would rather aid evil than support good?”

Julie needed to understand that part.

“I don’t support evil, neither do I support good, I am neutral, Siera would get her reward”

Julie was going to say something else when Bernice Interjected.

“If I were you Julie, I would be all Jack now, you don’t understand do you? Why would I request you fall in love with a person and he falls in love with you as a prize? Does it make sense?”

Julie got attentive now.

“I don’t Understand?”
“To come back to the land of the living, there has be a human sacrifice to make a balance. And so when I meant love, I meant this…would Jack love you enough to sacrifice is life so you could live again???

©onyeneke Abel .January 2018 all rights reserved

The other side


Would Jack sacrifice his life for Julie?

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The other side 23

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