The other side 22

The other side 22

The other side 22

The other side

Chapter 22
Day 21
It was the words that he muttered before he passed out. Frank regained consciousness an hour later, he waited till dawn after lots of persuasion from Julie, and took to his heels at first cock crow.

Julie was worried he would go about spewing what he had seen, but there was obviously nothing she could do about it, she had alot on her plate now; she had just nine days left to finally disappear from existence for good. Although she had convinced herself that it didn’t matter, Saving Jack was of utmost priority… But right now, she couldn’t help but feel scared; what was it like to be wiped off existence? Does it hurt? 

“Jack, we have to get the original papers”

She muttered the moment he woke up. His vision was a little blur for a minute before he could visualize Julie.

“Julie, I am the sole owner of Prada designers”

She nodded in agreement.

“Yes you are…”

He was quiet, it was quite clear that he contemplated on something.

“But Julie, I feel my parents were murdered”
“I feel so too”

Jack was glad she felt the same way.

“The car had brake failure, it was perfect the night before…someone must have tangled with it”

She nodded again and sighed simultaneously.

“Yeah, I guess so”

It didn’t take a soothsayer to explain that all was not well.

“Are you OK Julie?”

She wasn’t, but she didn’t want to bother him with it, he had alot on his plate now.

“Emm, I am…I just feel bad for putting you through….”

He hushed her, placing a finger on her lips…

“I asked for it, it wasn’t your fault…and if I had a chance to kiss you, trust me I would kiss you over and over again”

She scoffed in disbelief.

“You’re crazy Jack”
“Yeah I am…I don’t know if this is love but I am crazy about you…strange right? I’m actually saying this to a ghost”

He chuckled nervously.

She felt awkward, his eyes locked in hers were ridiculous. It didn’t make sense, yeah she wanted this guy to fall for her, but now that he his actually having a positive approach towards her wish, she feels awkward about it. It didn’t make sense, she felt he was acting the emotion because he knows he is supposed to fall for her.

“Jack, let’s focus on getting your family’s inheritance and on how to protect you from Siera, and the gate keeper…this can come afterwards”

He sensed her unbelief, he didn’t fight through, he was pretty sure that he’ll do more harm. So he simply smiled and chipped in.

“You see? You’ve put my needs before yours again, the more reason why I am crazy about you”

Somehow, she wasn’t satisfied with just *I am crazy about you*. She feigned a smile and made him stand up.

“Alright, it’s Mr Tony adekunle right? The man your dad entrusted the documents to?”

He nodded in affirmation.

“You know how to reach him?”
“Yeah, I know his place…funny thing is, he didn’t tell me anything about my inheritance, I don’t know why”

He took to his wardrobe to change into something light.

“Well there is one way to find out”

Julie felt the need to teleport him there but she didn’t know where so she had to follow.

“Where is Siera?”

Favour met Julie by the doorway…

“She is…”

Jack realised the rope used to tie her down was quite idle.

“She was just here…she was…”

Julie words got stuck… Favour’s skin turning grey was good distraction.

“Favour? Favour what’s…?”

It was clear now, the gate keeper appeared from behind them with her whip tied around Favour’s neck…

“Finally, I got now”

Bernice muttered amidst smiles of satisfaction.

“No! Let her go!”

To late, within seconds favour dissolved to dust.

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The other side



The other side 22

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