How to attract a woman

How to attract a woman

How to attract a woman

Alright guys get in here let’s talk. Listen, women are not complex (ok in some specific areas). But not to the extent that you feel they are unapproachable. It’s quite simple to attract that girl, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to own all the dollars in the world, you just have to put some things in place.

 There’s been lots and tons of series, all saying the same thing. The idea connotes the same factor, one that sounds tremendously tactical, but simple if well practised.

There has been lots of exposing tactics, some helpful, and others slightly imbalance. But the fact remains that it is a simple fact that has been over emphasised.

Attraction; it connotes a shabby meaning, it means you are onto something, something or someone that attracts you. For a man to attract a woman doesn’t really need a special treat or an enormous bill. Women don’t have a specific impulse as to how they feel attracted to something. Most of them get the thrill at a glimmer. But it takes some specific traits to get a woman attracted to a man. Luckily, I would be exposing some of these little tricks. Mind you, it isn’t something you haven’t seen or heard before, but here it is again in a simpler form, one that you can put to practice.
1. Be presentable: The first thing that attracts a woman is something or someone that glitters. Have you ever followed a woman to a shopping mall. Do you notice her squeal at the sight of a particular dress that sparkles. And they are like “Awnnn, it’s so beautiful”

That’s it brother, look good. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go extravagant. A nice shave, nice cut, wear a cologne, not to sharp but compelling. Dress smart. The first thing a woman looks out for when you approach her is your Fashion sense. The looks come first, but when your Fashion sense is quite sensible, she can look past the looks and actually give you an audience.
2. Confidence. You can’t assure a woman that you are fit to handle her when you fidget at her mere presence. Be bold and confident. In some context, timidity might be a good sign, she might actually notice you are into her. But in most times, it wears off the prowess of a man. She sees you as someone who needs help.
3. Approach:

You have to be meticulous in approaching a woman, else you end up repelling her, which would surely rip off the chance to have an audience.

Approaching a woman is a simple calculation. Observe the context and the type of woman you wanna approach.

You don’t approach a lady in an amusement park and talk business.

If she sits, you gently take a sit next to her and say

“The view is beautiful isn’t it”

You get her attention. First she takes a look at your looks and Fashion sense. A good number might reply you with

“Yeah it is”

Some others might just nod at your idea. If your looks and appearance is repelling, trust me the answer you would get would be a question in return.

“I’m sorry do I know you?”


“Who are you?”
4. Sweet talker/be fun: Girls are 100% attracted to guys who make them laugh, especially if it’s a guy they just met. Be a sweet talker. You don’t approach a girl and expect her to do the talking, you approached her, so expect to cover 90% of the conversation. Where you run out of ideas, you can simply hit on a topic and say.

“Tell me more about this”

From her reply you can catch up with lots of interesting questions.

Be fun, let your questions sound crazy and funny. Girls love guys who are fun to be with.
5. Be slow and gentle/ listen:  Don’t rush into her personal life. Flow with the rhythm, when a woman is open to tell you about something personal, you would know. Go for it, but don’t push too far or she would sense it. Listen more, trust me. A talkative repels a woman, no matter how attractive you look or how manly you appear to be, if you talk too much, you would repel her for sure.

You would hear her say to her peer group.

“Yeah he is attractive but gosh! He talks too much, its all about how he did that and that”

 Women prefer you listen to them than them listening to your ordeals. They want to tell you how the pizza delivery delayed her makeup, how her neighbor thinks she is ridiculous. All these talks are 95% boring, but act attentive and show your interest. And once she asks for your opinion, be cautious not to over emphasise. Once she notice your interest in her talks, she would want to be with you and eventually she would trust you enough to tell her deepest secrets.
6 Have a life: No woman wants to be friends or date a total looser. At some point or even at the early stage, she would mount up this question.

“What do you do?”

She wants to know just what your dreams are, what you are good at. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should be stinky rich. They just need to be assured that you have focus. And they are so interested in what you do, if it would impress or attract them in whatever way. One good bonus is if you are a good singer or can play an musical Instrument. Improve your life, a woman would surely be repelled if she discovers you have nothing up your sleeves.
7. Put her to remembrance: Trust me on this, a woman thrills over a guy who reminds them or remember just what they said at a particular time. It can be a week after, months or even a year.

But putting her to rememberance, or quoting the exact words she said proves you actually listened to her. Sometimes she would intentionally test you.

“Do you remember what I said about my nails?”

It wouldn’t sound like something serious to you when you reply with


But it means alot to them, she might not frown at it at first, but if it goes on like that, she would eventually stop telling you stuffs about herself. She’d feel you barely listen, neither do  you pay attention to her plight.
8. Be flirty/ touch: No girl likes the holy Moses type of guy. Be flirty at times. Girls are suckers for guys who flirts with them.

You can cut a conversation when you chip in

“I love your lips”

Trust me, you would notice the color rising to her cheeks.

A wink with the words

“You looking sexy”

Or you can make an expression that warrants her to ask

“Nothing, just that I can’t help but notice how pretty you are”

Girls love guys who flirt and comment on their appearance. It means alot to them. They would always want to be around you. 

Touch; like I earlier emphasized, don’t be the Holy Moses. Attraction and feelings has to do with touch. When a girl is attracted to you, she would want to touch you at some point. Be sensitive when she eventually does, and give her the confidence to touch you anytime. On a rare occasion, you can touch her lips with the tip of your thumb, with the words

“I just love those lips”

Trust me, you’ve set hormones on fire, one that she would want to experience over and over again. That doesn’t mean you should do that always, women are very sensitive and complicated; they would read your actions to a different meaning entirely, they might think you just want to have them on bed, which might slowly make it uncomfortable when you eventually touch her lips again. 
9.  Play had to get: Don’t be always easily accessed and available. She would take you for granted. And slowly the attraction would wear off when she sees you eventually everyday, and it so turns out that you’ve got nothing new to offer.


How to attract a woman

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