The other side 21

The other side 21

The other side

Chapter 21

The other side 21

Day 20
“Come on Jack we can fix this. Now we need to continue, it’s past 1am already”

Favour stated bluntly and brought Jack to sit. He relied on her words, she is a ghost anyway, and when she says she would fix it, she actually means it.

He took the sit, quite ready for another voodoo trip, but halfway he made her pause and asked…there was something he wasn’t quite satisfied with.

“Emm, Favour? If you help me remember, would you see my past too?”

She nodded in affirmation, trying to fathom why he asked.

“Emm, sorry but can Julie perform the voodoo stuff? I’m sorry if it would…”

Favour was not ready to hear anything else.

“Alright Julie come over here”

Julie obliged and placed both her hands on both sides of his head as instructed.

“Close your eyes”

She did and was waiting for the next instruction for more than five minutes. She had to take a peek when nothing was said.

“Why are you opening your eyes?”

Favour’s freakish question was absurd.

“Emm, I’m waiting for an instruction”

Jack opened his eyes now.

“There is no other instruction, it’s an instant connection, you’ve not connected with his mind”

Julie released her hands on Jack’s head to question.

“And how do I do that?”
“You will all fail you bastards!”

It was Siera, and for a moment there they had actually forgotten they had her tied down.

“Will you please shut up?”

Julie was trying to understand what Favour had to pass across, and Siera was not an option now.

“Julie kiss him”

Favour was a bit astonished when Jack allowed a smile on his cornered lips.

Julie acted surprised at her request.

“Emm, it seems you both have been doing lots of the kiss thing huh?”

Favour questioned and urged Julie to go on with her finger signals.

She brought Jack on his feet, a little shy with Favour’s presence but it was nothing she couldn’t bypass. Slowly she reached for his lips and sent a whole new wave of energy down him that he shuddered and dropped to the torn cushion.

They were locked on and his mind was open.

The accident, the secret, the pain, the love; he remembered them all…

She held him tight and felt she was draining his life source, the passion she felt countered her reservations.

“Julie? Julie! He is bleeding! Let him go!”

Jack remembered it all, it wasn’t bad news until he came understand one fact.

Favour forced Julie to released him, his eyes were stone red. He gasped for air and Julie realised what she had put him through.

“Oh my God…I’m so sorry Jack”

She ran to him and placed his head on her thigh.

“I’m so sorry”

He was going to say something, perhaps he was going to scold her, and probably call her pure evil; instead he raised his weak hand and pointed at Siera’s direction, and with a weak tone he questioned.

“Wait.. That Devil is my cousin?”
The other side


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The other side 21

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