The other side 20

The other side 20

The other side

Chapter 20

The other side 20
Day 19
Jack was trying to tame the fear bubbling within, but it was not working this time…favour took front to try and convince the wild ghosts at Siera’s command but it wasn’t yielding results.

He was scared for Frank, scared for Julie and for himself.

“Stay behind me Julie”

Julie was scared but she couldn’t help the mild laugh that escaped her mouth.

“Jack, it’s best you stay behind me”

She whispered back and without hesitation he bought the idea.

“What did she promise you all huh?”

It was favour trying to negotiate.

“The gatekeeper would definitely slash you all to dust so why do her biddings?”

Siera chuckled and did the talking for the team.

She looked quite achieved with the few army around her, the whip within her grasp was another advantage.

“You see my dear Friend, these ghosts has been promised 3months to roam freely without interruptions. You know this is an opportunity every ghost would jump at”

Siera made perfect sense, it was obvious she didn’t come to be reasoned with, she came for War.

“Siera what did I ever do to you?”

Julie questioned from behind, she was trying to understand why Siera was hell-bent bent on seeing her wiped out of existence, maybe she had done something to hurt her. Although she knew that all her life, she has done everything within her power to see that Siera had the best.

“Nothing dear, I just hate you, hate your guts; I hated the fact that you were more successful than myself…that’s all”

Julie was going to charge at Siera but Favour was there to stop her.

“Alright Julie let’s think, and Jack it’s either you fight or die”

Jack joined the crew immediately.

“What we are after now is the hit spot”

Jack tightened his grip on the mop stick he found just beside the threshold leading to his bedroom.

“Sorry for butting in but what use will that mop stick do?”

Julie had to ask, although she felt it was inappropriate now that Favour was trying to come up with a plan

“Julie would you listen?”
“Ok sorry”
“Hit spot is the cause of death…look to the tall ugly one. You see that large scar on his forehead? That’s how he died. Hit that and he is gone”

Siera was done waiting now, she fathomed they were diversifying ways to beckon for leniency.

“You, get Julie”

She had 4ghosts at her disposal and fortunately for Favour, it was the ghost she needed as a sample. She snatched the mop stick from Jack’s shivering hands, broke it in two and smashed it against the hit spot; immediately he dissolved to dust.

“That’s how it’s done!”
“What the…kill them all!”

Siera gave the charge; immediately the room went dark, whirlwind took over and blew off the roof top, the lights went off, objects scattered to different directions… Jack was after the safety of his friend. He made sure Frank was in a safe corner before he tried to join the fight. Sadly one slap from an angry ghost sent him metres in the air and caused a blackout.

He took another hour to regain himself and noticed Siera tied up with strong rope.

“Where’s Julie? Where’s Julie?”
“I’m here. All good relax, I can see how you fought for me huh Jack”

She was making a fun of him now but he had another thought in mind. His eyes got to Frank first…(he was still unconscious) and then all around his torn apartment; with his hands on head he muttered.

“Jesus christ, what do I tell my landlord?”
The other side



The other side 20

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