The other side 19

The other side 19

The other side 19

The other side

Chapter 19
Day 17/18
The objects floating on air spiced more fear that caused Frank to diffuse in hot sweat.

His eyes were protruding and wide open.

Julie was going to release her grip on the objects but her emotions were in full brim, she didn’t know a ghost could actually feel this until now.

“Julie put them down”

Jack whispered through his clenched teeth, his eyes still on Frank who tightened the frown on his face.

“Jack, who are you talking to?”

The cushion dropped to earth first and prompted Frank to leap in fear; next the dinning table, and then simultaneously every other object were calm to earth.

“Jack, you…you are into ritualism?”

Jack was getting fed up with all the ideas popping in Frank’s brain.

He rolled his eyes to heaven before he spoke out.

“Frank listen to me”

He stood up but Frank was quick to hold up his hands to halt him.

‘Stay back…don’t move”

He took the next minute before he voiced out.

“Jack you’ve gone mad”
“No Frank listen…”
“No no…Jack, are you telling me this is normal? objects! Objects were floating on air Jack! There were flying!”
The sound of his lips and wave of his hands were perfect demonstration.

Jack knew Julie had to show herself to Frank, it was the only way.


Julie who sat watching both men shook her head in disagreement to his idea.

“No way Jack”
“Please, he has to see you, else he won’t believe me”

Frank slowly took his step backwards, trying to find the door with his hands swaying backwards.

“Jack, who are you talking too? Jesus…”

He was almost at the door when Julie became visible; and with a smile she called out.

“Hello Frank”

Frank froze for a minute or two before he stuttered out

“That’s… Thats Ju…Julie”

No one was giving a satisfactory reply so he fathomed it was actually her ghost.

“Oh, it’s…it’s her ghost”

Jack nodded now.

“I told you didn’t I? You didn’t believe me”
“Oh I do now bro”
“Frank you are shivering”

Jack couldn’t believe he was the one saying that now, he felt proud somehow.

“Or am I? Am not, am fine”

Jack laughed now.

“No bro, you are nowhere fine”
“Jack stop it am fine”

Frank wanted to prove strong now. He adjusted his polo and tightened the Jean. He thought wise to stand properly to face both human and ghost.

He was going to say something else when Favour appeared to grace the scene.

“Alright Jack, it’s time”

It was just as Jack had presumed, Frank lost balance and passed out.

“Oh come on Favour, not again, see what you’ve done”

Favour noticed Frank stretched out on the floor now.

“Who’s that?”
“My friend”
“What? Your friend? What is he doing here at this time?”

Favour was harsh because she knew what was about to happen.

“Hello? I didn’t bring him here, he came on his own, for a friendly visit, that’s what friends do, they…they see each other!”

Favour was not ready to waste another minute.

She mind controlled Jack to stand before her.

“What are you doing? He is gonna die if we do nothing!”

Jack was shouting on top of his voice while making his point. Julie was a little lost in the scene, but there was something she could do about it.

She took Frank in her arms and blew a mild breathe on his nostrils… He jerked back to life and resolved to his shell of fear the moment his vision became clear.

“Jack, Its time, the moon is full”

A chair was mind controlled and Jack was placed to sit, quickly Favour held his head with both hands, she was able to access Just a scene before Siera barged in with a force of a few ghost.

Favour was thrown off balance; Julie brushed off to the dinning; Jack was held up to the ceilings; objects in motion, Frank passed out again.

©onyeneke Abel .December 2017 all rights reserved.
The other side


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The other side 19

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