The other side 18

The other side 18

The other side

Chapter 18

Day 17

The other side 18

Jack was on his way back with dinner, he wasn’t sure what Julie might like so he just settled for a random selection of a quick snack and two plate of iced cream.
He was eager to see the glimmer in her eyes when he shows up…a quick thought popped up and he was quick to grab it.

Luckily a flower shop was close by, his exact thought… It was the first time he attempted this, he needed help in his selection. Luckily, a voice called from behind.

“Pick the pink, girls are suckers for those”

It was a middle aged woman, a little plumpy and fair. One look at her connoted that she was the viand to men’s eyes in her youthful days.

“Thank you ma”

He smiled in satisfaction and got back in his car. He felt the need to hum in rhythm with the track emanating from the radio receiver.

Minutes later he got to his apartment and called out immediately.


The silence gave way for a chilly fear that crept through his veins.

“I’m here”

She startled him again. He held his chest to breathe well before he spoke out, trying to scuffle with the loads of items he had.

“Emm Julie, first I want to thank you for choosing to save my life, even when you knew it would be at the expense of yours”

He timidly presented the Rose to her and avoided her eyes, the fear of rejection was one he feared.

When she was alive, she had alot of flowers from different kind of people with outstanding caliber. It didn’t matter to her then, she would end up throwing it in a trash can. But somehow, Jack’s Rose felt special.

“Thanks Jack, thank you for saving me too”

He felt her eyes linger on him, he clearly had nothing else to say. Quickly he tried to opt out of the moment when he revealed the snacks.

“Who is hungry?”

His grin met Julie’s frown.

“Jack? Who is going to eat these? I’m a ghost remember? I can’t eat?”

His Jaw dropped in disappointment. How could he forget such an important fact?

“Oh don’t be like this…OK set the table, I’ll feed you, how about that?”

He wasn’t too keen about the idea, it sounded ridiculous. He is not a baby, why would she feed him?

However, her persistence lured him to give in reluctantly.
“Open your mouth wide Jack, I’m gonna stuff you up…none of these would go to waste”

Her words triggered memories of his mother, it was the exact words she always say when she served him with any delicious dish.

She held a spoonful of iced cream and urged him with her eyes.

He wanted to act naughty and so he held the spoon with his lips and got her arm fairly stuck.

“Jack you know I can swing you like a piece of paper round this room”

She warned jokingly.

He chuckled but held it still.

“Yeah I can do that Jack”

He didn’t oblige so she realised her grip from the spoon and sat back to take another look at him.

“You know when I said I never loved a guy, I lied. I actually did…but”

She paused with her head bowed.

“But what?

He released the spoon from his mouth to voice out.

“what happened?”
“I was, I was too bitter with hate, he couldn’t take it, he broke up with me…”

She sighed and looked to observe his expression, he was blank and so she concluded.

“Jack I’m a bad person, I am not capable of love, I’ve hurt too many people Jack, too many people. Bernice knew the exact punishment for me. And it’s not the fact that I won’t be coming back to the land of the living, it’s love. Love is my punishment, because I would never know what it feels like, it’s a pain…its…”

Jack was touched that he felt the need to hush her.

“Julie, you’re too hard on yourself, it’s not your fault you were like that, situations and the cruel potholes of life made you a little harsh”

She wasn’t convinced, with her head bowed she muttered.

“Nice try Jack, but I know I am doomed, I’m just waiting for…”

She paused to look in his soulful eyes.

“I just want to make good use of the moment we would have and save your life before my time runs out”

His right hand touched her cheek, the other hand followed till he cupped both sides with his palm.

“You are going nowhere, I won’t let her take you, I promise”

She resolved that it was all talk, what could he possibly do to withstand Bernice? He is human. Although, she didn’t fail to thank him.

“Thank you Jack”

The moment was ripe and cozy, flares of emotions can be blamed to be the cause for Jack’s next move. His lips brushed against hers; it swept a full rush of passion down her, objects in the apartment began to elevate and float on air.

It was cut short when Frank walked in and called out in confusion.

“Jack? What are you doing?”
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The other side


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The other side 18

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