Blissful Twist

Blissful Twist

Blissful Twist

Excerpt from Blissful Twist

Violet laid, stretching to full length, contemplating on quite a few things…and when she raised her body, the cold creeps across its surface, shrouding it in a white falling air as it vanishes from her sight.

She wouldn’t let the cold get to her…

Swiftly she alighted from the bed and whisked to the bathroom, arousing the slim-like figure with the mild soap…

“Let’s get this shit done”

She whispered as she adjusted her tight Jean to her taste. She was certain the figure she saw staring at her through the maroon mirror stand; was one that would pave way for her.

She had a sculpted figure which was twinie-thin. Her waist was tapered and she had a burnished complexion…a pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes…her delicate ears formed a button nose. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed with sparks, her constellation blue eyes to fit, her creamy, heart-shaped lips puked as she sniffed in the perfume she applied to fit. She wore Gothic clothes in a rebellious way. Set ready and to blaze, she started out, quite confident of what she might achieve…the streets was cozy against the spaghetti top strapped on, but it was nothing she couldn’t handle. She wore strength and darkness pretty well, she had always been half goddess, half hell…one whose seductive prowess spotted her from teenage age.

She sighed as she stepped into the club, the music, though loud; it sounded perfect to her. A little strained from last night hangover, she sat fighting the nausea feeling she had and gulp down a few bottle. It didn’t take long for her survey to hit the spot…she spotted him, seated at the bar, sipping his beer, he had a smooth spade shaped beards, a defined cheekbones and a Viking-gold hair. She looked past his good looks, down to the worth. His clothes were shabby, one that suit the occasion…His styled Jean, inner polo and dark Jacket, stylishly tattered. Her eyes caught his shoes, pure Italian, and his wristwatch, pure gold. 

She inhaled and exhaled deeply, trying to calm and possibly tame the possibility of being nauseated. 

And with confidence she strayed over to the bar; the glimmering lights flickered on the gold wristwatch she had eyes on…the music, though deafening, was not a bulwark to get her erotic vocals to her target.

“Tough day?”

She rhetorically chipped in and got his hands stuck halfway to get his beer. Flabbergasted at the sight of her dazzling femininity, his hands dropped to each side…


He muttered, completely thrown off balance.

“What a beauty”

She chuckled and eyed his lips seductively.

Young men were a little hard to crack, they are quick to hit at the booty, completely different from the fascinating way she pervades the advanced men. 


She extended her hands and he took it, she wasn’t enticed by the smiles he had, one that beamed his cute face, her attention perched on his pockets…

He poured out a cup of beer and handed it to her…

“So what is a pretty goddess like you doing all alone?”

She smiled and it got him hooked, yes she could see how he paid a 100% attention to her flawless seductive skills…
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Blissful Twist

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