The other side 17

The other side 17

The other side

Chapter 17

Day 15/16

The other side 17

Jack was keen on the recent update, he had a family he didn’t know of? How is that possible?
But he had no memory of them; he was adopted?

All these questions welled up in his mind that he felt he would explode.

“How do I meet them?”

He fathomed Favour had the answer to everything.

“You won’t be meeting them, they died in an accident, but you survived”

Jack hands dropped from his Jaw. Julie had expected an outburst but surprisingly he was still calm.

“How do you know this?”
“I’ve been doing some research to know why Siera is hell-bent on seeing you dead”

Julie was next with her question.

“You said he survived the accident, at what age? And why can’t he remember?”

Jack nodded to her question, he didn’t have any memory of the so-called parents.

“You lost that part of your life, you lost your memory…it was accident, there is bound to be inevitable damages. Don’t you wonder how that scar at the back of your head?”

Jack quickly reached for the scar to feel it again…it made perfect sense.

“I scrambled through some hospital records, you were sewn up…and miraculously you survived”

Jack sighed in thoughts before he came up with another question.

“So what next?”
“You have to remember, your Father is the sole owner of Prada designers, he must have entrusted the original documents of Ownership to you”

Julie had to remind Favour of one unanswered question.

“At what age did this happen?”
“Age 14”

Favour replied hastily.

“How do I remember?”

 Jack stood up now, he appeared quite ready for the task ahead.

“As a ghost, I have a specific power to see into your past, but I can only do that during the full moon. Luckily the next full moon is tomorrow”

Favour was optimistic and she was glad the others (Jack and Julie) shared in it.

She attempted to take off but held back to ask.

“And emm Julie, how is your love game going?”

Julie felt embarrassed, she shot a stern look at Favour who offered a smirk before she took off.

She felt Jack avoiding her eyes for a moment before he asked.

“So emmm, I am supposed to love you?”

He asked.

She felt cheap, even if it was a necessity to bring her back to the land of the living, she still felt it was an insult to her ego as a woman.

“Yea, but just forget about it, it’s not possible, love is not something you force, let’s focus on saving your life”

She avoided his eyes; the thought of taking off was one she considered but she felt it would be too rude.

Jack’s silence became too uncomfortable that she had to offer an option of exit.

“Maybe I should just go and come back when you’re…”

He was quick to interrupt.

“No, stay, let’s talk”

She reluctantly agreed and waited for him to spit something out.

“What happened?”

She didn’t get his question.

“I’m pretty sure that you were not always rude and trashy, something must have made you…”

She Interjected when she spilled the beans.

“I lost my family, I lost them because the world refused to help, the world fathomed I would be crushed, they thought I won’t survive…and so I swore to have vengeance at the world…and I couldn’t think of another possible way than success, and a self centered personality where I alone matter”

He nodded and sighed in unison.

“You’ve loved someone before?”

She was quick with her reply

“Yes, myself”

Her reply met his unimpressed face.

“I meant the opposite sex”

She didn’t have the deep soulful eyes to look through and figure the truth.

“No…they suck…guys, they suck”

She had made a hit on her reply before she discovered she was actually talking to a guy.

“Oh you are a guy, sorry”

He understood that she needed him now, so with the advantages in his mind he questioned.

“What about me? Remember you need me”

She chuckled at first and slashed his bubbles when she replied.

“No offense but even if I need you, you still suck”

It was supposed to get him angry, but he found himself laughing to it.

“I like your guts girl”

He said and picked his car keys.

“How about a date?”

Her face tightened to a frown.

“A date? With a ghost?”
“Yea, Don’t worry I would bring the dinner here, it’s not a crime to have a date in my apartment”

She eased up now and allowed a smile on her face.



Siera could feel her bones reawakened…she stretched to full length before she noticed Bernice beside her.

She sat up to discover she was in Julie’s mansion; the mansion she had successfully personalised.

“You again”

She muttered.

“The whip”
“Is here”

Bernice completed her words.

“I healed all the wounds inflicted”

She went further.

Siera was glad but she didn’t understand what Bernice stand to gain from the charade.

“Why are you helping me?”

She had to ask now.

“I don’t like seeing ghosts mess with the fate of humans, see it as your bonus”

Siera allowed a frown on her face before she collected the whip and urged Bernice to speak up.

“I’m guessing there is something you need me for”
“Yes…As the gate keeper the full moon is when I get busy with the citadel of elders”

Siera got confused.

“Ok what’s the citadel of elders?”
“That’s none of your business…Julie is planning to recover Jack’s memory and if she succeeds, it means his fate has been tampered with, you have to go there tomorrow and stop it. I will send faithful ghosts with you, so don’t worry, it would be a fair fight”

Siera broadened with smiles of satisfaction, this was going to be round 3.

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The other side 


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The other side 17

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