On the 6th of September, 2017 was the judgment day. We came down from the prisoner’s Black Maria. All thanks to my walking stick which aid my movement because my leg has been damage from the untreated wound inflicted by the bullet shot at me during our encounter with the police. We were escorted into the court by the warders. I was so happy when I realised that we were in my father’s court. I also prayed silently that my father should be the one to judge my case because I believed he wouldn’t sentence me to jail.
Courtendent: This is case No 13/Oym/2017. This case is between the State Government and the Federal Government as the Plaintiff and Babalola Seun (a.k.a Blade), Babatunde Sola (a.k.a Sleek) and Tony Jeff as the defendants. The defendants are charge for five (5) charges, which are Killing, Stealing, Scamming, Kidnapping and Drug dealing. This case will be judge by the Chief Judge of this State Justice Ayo Jeff. Are you guys (signaling to us) guilty of not guilty?
We are not guilty – we reply in chorus
The courtendant sat down
Judge: Does the lawyers have anything to say before I gave my judgment?
Defendant’s Lawyer: My lord, my name is Barrister Ayodele Tunde, and I am the Counsel for the defendants. I will plead to this court to please temper its judgment with mercy because if we look at all my clients they are sons of influential and noble people in this country. Their fathers have pledge a lot to this our dear country and all what they are doing is youthful exorbitance, and I know that there is still hope that they are going to change for better. I hereby plead to this court to please temper justice with mercy.
Plaintiff’s Lawyer: My lord, my name is Barrister Segun Ololade, I am the Counsel for the Plaintiff’s. I don’t know the type of change my colleagues is talking about. These people (pointing to us) that are Killing, stealing, scamming and kidnapping, to the extent of kidnapping the Governor daughter. It’s obvious that these people are one of those instrument of devil. I hereby plead to this court of law to please judge this case according to this country constitution.
Justice Ayo Jeff: Since the two counsels has decided on what they have to counter each other. I will give my judgment according to this country constitution and the evidence laying here in-front of me. Here is my judgment.
The court is now as silent as a graveyard. All the people in the court re-adjust their seats. The reporters are all at alert. The lawyers were eager to know his judgment. The policemen resign from their security duty to hear my father final judgment.
Justice Ayo Jeff Continues: (with a teary eyes and swollen face). I hereby with the power bestow unto be acknowledge that you guys (acknowledging us) are guilty of all the charges, charged against you. I hereby sent you three (Babalola Seun (a.k.a Blade), Babatunde Sola (a.k.a Sleek) and Tony Jeff) to life imprisonment as that is the punishment for your charges according to this country law and constitution.
Courtendant: Court!
All the people in the court sat down in disbelief “how can a father sentence his only son to jail” that is the sentence bothering the people. The defendants lawyers was so shocked by my father final judgment. The reporters looks into the eyes of one another. The policemen couldn’t hide their shocking feelings. Blade, Sleek and I couldn’t believe our ears. It seemed as if I am dreaming, I pinched myself to confirm if am not in the dreamland or I am not inspiring.
I screamed at the apex peek of my voice as my face is watered with my tears. My father came to meet me as I was been dragged by the warders inside their Black Maria. “This decision as hid Rubicon and it is written inside this state constitution” [my father said with a teary face]. But d….d…dda.
“And at last you have indirectly kill your mother- my father said as an unimagined tears dropped from his eyes.
I was speechless, dumbfounded and shocked. This is unbelievable, I killed the person who loved the me most in this world. These were the thoughts that ran through my mind. Gently I enter into the warder’s Black Maria Bus as we drove off. My sentence has been the talk of our nation till now.



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