Blissful Twist(eBook alert!)

Blissful Twist(eBook alert!)

Blissful Twist(eBook alert!)

Author: Onyeneke Abel

Category: Romance

Tag: Erotic, Adventure, romance, thriller.

No of words: 25,000

Prize: #400

Reader’s discretion: 18+
Description: She is a sculpture figure, the viand to men’s eyes…Bread to their soul…A epitome of beauty; her inveigle skills are untold of, she virtually gets whatever and whoever she pleases.

Violet spears is a lady who believes in quick money, and she knows just how to get it.

Her beauty plus her seduction skills, paved ways for her. She aims at influential Politicians and Business tycoons and guess what? She eventually succeeds with lots of money to squander.

And then, she gets greedy. she wants to have it all, she wants to rule with the richest man in the City.

It all seems fine and successful at first, but what happens when she is locked behind bars and   exposed to a risk of spending the rest of her life in jail?

It’s classy, it’s adventurous, it’s Erotic and yes! It will give you the thrill!

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Blissful Twist(eBook alert!)

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