The other side 16

The other side 16

The other side 

Chapter 16

Day 15

The other side 16

It was the first time in forever; the impossible was about the happen, the living and the dead, in a duel.
Siera and been tossed to the far end of the apartment, thrown over the dinning table to land with a loud thud.

Jack was going to leap in shock but Julie was by his side to sooth him.

“It’s ok Jack, go back to sleep, I’m trying to squash an insect”

He believed her and soon he was off again.

“Julie! You bastard!”

Siera fumed in wrath, she had successfully screwed through her bag to find the whip, there is no way she would miss this time.

“Come out here if you’ve got the guts!”

Julie hissed and took off to stand before Siera.


Quickly she lashed the whip but Julie was quick to teleport before it got to her.

Siera laughed wickedly now, she felt in charge  and called out to Julie

“Come out here you bastard!”
“Siera, I loved you more than myself”

Julie was nowhere visible but her voice reverberated in the apartment.

Siera stood looking around nervously.

“And you threw it at my face, you murdered me Siera, what did I ever do to you?”

The sudden breeze that washed over Siera made her shiver in fear and she trembled even more.

“Come out come out you bitch!”

Her voice seems to progress to an higher volume, she tightened her hands on her whip.

“You are dead bitch, so stay dead!”

There was silence, and for a moment Siera was beginning to think she had spurned Julie for good.

But then a sudden rush of wind picked Siera off the ground and smashed her against the wall with force…

She winced in pain and Julie was there to tame her.

“Oh don’t scream now love, I’m not going to kill you yet…I’m only going to break every bone in your body, bit by bit…”

Siera tightened grip on the whip tried to fling it at Julie but her hands were weak now. She coughed from the backache she felt and sprout out blood.


She muttered but Julie wasn’t done, she couldn’t touch the whip, but she was going to make sure Siera had no hands to touch them either.

She picked Siera up and held her against the Ceilings, twisting the joints that held her hands together… Siera screamed in pain and pleaded but Julie wouldn’t listen.

“The reason you had me the first time was because I still had a soft spot for you…but now, now I just wanna see you bleed”

She turned Siera upside down and took hold of the joints holding her legs together.

“You won’t be walking for a long time Siera”

She muttered and loosed her joints with a twist.

“Arrrgghhhh! Julie please”

Julie was getting the thrill now, she got a long cane she had in store and laid Siera on her stomach.

“What happens to stupid kids?”

Siera’s tears were an hindrance to give an answer.

“Sorry sorry, they get punished”

Julie wasn’t satisfied with her answer, she contemplated for a while before she shook her head in disagreement.

“Nah, they get flogged!”

With that she thrashed Siera’s butt till she was certain Siera won’t be able to sit for a long time…

Now that she Siera could barely talk, Julie helped in the transportation bill.

She took hold of Siera and appeared in her office at Prada designers.

“There Siera, you owe me, and don’t think I wouldn’t kill you, just that the gatekeeper wouldn’t let me”

She watched Siera wince in pain, blood dripping from both her nose and mouth, swollen face and ass. A sudden feeling of little satisfaction beamed her face and before she turned to go, she didn’t fail to wish the best.

“Get well soon, dear Siera”  


Jack was up now and Julie was nowhere visible. He could see the drops of blood that littered the floor, a sudden rush of fear gripped him but he composed himself.


He got a mop and attempted to clean off the blood when Julie showed up.


She called with a smile.

He stopped to see her smiling at him.

“Julie what happened here?”

He was direct with the question but it didn’t stop her from smiling still.

“Let’s just say I saved you from…”

Julie paused when  she noticed the gun beside the cushion…

“Oh hold on, she left her property”
“You mean Siera?”

Jack asked but Julie was off again. He spotted the whip on the dinning table,  the chairs dissipated, the flower vase that stood on his centre table was broken…he didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him another battle had transpired.

Julie was back and he felt it.

“You know my apartment has been the wrestling ring for you ghosts”

He said as Julie took charge and restored the apartment to glimmer.

“Where is Siera?”

He didn’t know if he should ask, but he had to.

The smirk on Julie’s face connoted one thing, Siera was in a bad shape.

“You killed her?”
“Nah, Bernice wouldn’t let me…I flogged her, as forewarning, she’ll stay away from you now”

Jack was quiet for a while, they both had a lot to say but both didn’t know the best way to start up the discussion.

“Thank you, thank you for saving my life”

Julie was quick to Interject.

“Why did you say it?”
“Say what?”
“Why did you say those words…”

Julie was not getting his point.

“What words?”
“Why did you say you love me?”

He was staring at her intently. She stuttered and felt her eyes grow dim from staring at one position.

Favour appeared and Julie was so glad for the interruption.

“Nice Job dealing with Siera, I’m guessing you think she is half dead by now”

Favour was straight to the point, just that Jack wasn’t happy with the interruption.

“You again”

He muttered but Favour wasn’t paying attention to him.

“What if I told you Siera is fine, she has no scratch on her”

Julie shook her head in disbelief.

“That’s impossible, I even have the whip now”
“Really? Where is it?”

A frown appeared on Julie’s face, a minute back, she was sure the whip was on the dinning table, but now, it was gone.

“Listen Julie, don’t fold your hands like you’ve won, not when you are dealing with the gatekeeper…you’ll need Jack’s help”

Favour turned to Jack now who was obviously trying to fit into the scene.

“Oh finally she realise that I’m actually recognizable”

Favour was not interested in his sense of humour. She made a hit on the point.

“Jack it’s time you know who your real parents are and take charge of Prada designers”

She paused to leave Jack stunned with questions and then turned to Julie.

“Guard up girl, the battle is far from over”
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The other side


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The other side 16

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