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I couldn’t believe my biological father could sentence me to life imprisonment. Don’t blame him please. I am the architect of my own destruction. I used my own hands to dig my own grave. I am now regretting my actions. I could vividly recall my mum’s word before I indirectly killed her…she do tell me that “any child that is not obedient to his/her parent, is definitely billing for his/her own destruction. I understand what her word meant now. Now her words has finally come to pass. I have billed for my own destruction which I must definitely pay for. God! I should have obeyed my parents.
My name is Tony Jeff, I am the first and the only son of that influential and prominent judge. Ayo Jeff. I am a final year student of Certified University studying Banking & Finance.
I have two mutual friends named Babalola Seun and Babatunde Sola both nicknamed Blade and Sleek respectively. Blade, Sleek and myself are very influential and popular in school, we are known by both students and lecturers as the best among friends for our bad behaviors and all social immoralities in likes of Raping, Cultism, Stealing, Examination malpractice and murder.
My father who is a respectable and incorrupt judge. He is an enemy of injustice, He gives fair judgment and always follow what we called “CONSTIUTUTION”. Though he is very stubborn. Assassin has been sent to him in most cases but he always survive their bullets.
Some months ago, my father was in the hospital for approximately four months as a result of the bullet shot at him on his way to the court. During his stay in the hospital, I neither asked after him talk less of going to the hospital to check on his wellbeing. When he was discharged he went back home and found out that I have frozen his account which my dad and I are both signatory. He locked me up in a police cell for days and it was not has first time of doing that to me. My immediate sister and his senior judge often beg for my release. Who is he not to obey his senior judge.
I know my parents love me a lot most especially my father. He has beckoned me to change for good and turn a new leave…to the extent he knelt down to me. I always shed crocodile tears whenever he came to beg me for a change, I’ll shed crocodile tears to have him believe that I would heed to his pleas. He also pledge that if I need anything I should let him know at least that would help in changing for good rapidly. All the thrill my friends gave to me was one reason why I couldn’t change for good.
“you are the only male child of your father and you are his heir, if he dies today you will take over all his properties”.
That has been my friends poem whenever I told them about my dad’s wrath.
I committed the worst, let’s say it was the beginning of my destruction. One day, I stole my father Six Hundred Thousand (#600,000) in which I spent at a get-together for a old friend of mine. I came back home the next morning totally drunk to stupor. My father asked for his money which he knew I stole. My father threatened to push me out of his house which I replied thus:
“your father doesn’t send you parking from his house, so you can never send me out of this house because this is my father’s house and nobody will send me out of this house”.
What nonsense, my father exclaimed. He was totally mad at me, he was so irritated that he felt he could actually kill me. He called the police to pack my belongings out of his house, in which the policemen did a job well done.
I relocated to Blade and Sleek’s apartment since their parents has then disowned too. We did some illegal drug dealing and other dereliction acts. We called it
Soon we were unable to meet our needs, Our money has been exhausted. Blade, Sleek and I planned to kidnap the Governor’s daughter and the outcome was successful.
We ask for two hundred million naira (200 Million Naira) as ransom.
The ransom was paid by the governor and his daughter was released.

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