The other side 15

The other side 15

The other side

Chapter 15

Day 13/14

The other side 15

Jack held his breathe, his thoughts were conflicted, they were without base. He knew he had broken out in sweat already but he didn’t want to accept the fact that he was scared to death. The apartment was calm now and he could see the gatekeeper before him. Her eyes glowed white beneath her cloak.
“I’m not gonna ask what you are, or what you are doing in my room, because I know who you are, and I’m… I’m not scared of you”

Bernice’s lips gave way for the smile she posed for it. And then the next minute it disappeared.

“Step away from her”

She instructed. 


He knew she meant Julie, but he felt asking would stale lots of precious time.

“She is doomed already and if you think there is anything you can do to save her then you’ve got it all wrong”

She didn’t look all scary to Jack, but he wasn’t going to give Julie to her anyway. He wouldn’t deny the fact that he was scared, but he was ready to bear whatever it takes to protect her.

“Before you take her, can I at least touch her?”

She remained quiet, neither her words or actions gave him a go ahead, so he figured it was a yes.

“On the 30th of this month, You’ll die, if you save her”

Her words sank deep Into his membrane.

“She deviated from the bargain and she knew the consequences attached to it”
“When you mean the bargain, you mean because she tried to protect me?”

Bernice nodded and attempted to take Julie with her but Jack Interrupted.

“What was the bargain?”

She didn’t seem offended with his attempts.

“That she makes you fall in love with her with 30days in exchange for another chance to the land of the living…but she chose to save your life instead”

Jack understood now, how compassionate Julie had been, she was willing to sacrifice her chances of coming back to earth for him? what other love is greater than this?”

He suddenly got bold.

“You are taking her nowhere, how do I save her?”

Bernice smiled at his guts. He couldn’t tell if it was what she wanted but with her actions he could read she had more than one intention.

“If you save her, you will die on the 30th of this month”

His heart missed again, but his mind had taken control and there was no going back.

“I have no one to live for, so why not, how do I save her, the dark hole is getting bigger”

She was quiet for a while and he was beginning to lose patience.

“Kiss her”

Just that? Her lips were dry and all white. But it was piece of cake.

Before Bernice could drop another word of restriction, he dived at the task and picked her lips with his.

Instantly she got the charge and caught his lips, the energy transfer drained him till the hole in her chest was completely covered.

He fell to the bare tiles, still a little subconscious.

“Jack Wilshere, you just gave out 5years from your life span to Julie”

It was the last words he heard before he trailed off.

An hour later he opened his eyes, still a little blur he felt a sharp headache shooting from his spine to his head.

He held his head and groaned in pain. And she was there to help.


Her voice was calm and caressing.

“It’s going to be ok, I’m here, I won’t let any harm come to you”

His vision was still blur but he could recognize Julie’s voice and he somehow found confidence in it.

“Go back to sleep now”

She placed a feather light kiss on his forehead and watched him trail off to sleep.

It was 30minutes later when she got that feeling of another battle coming her way.

It was Siera, with a gun in her bag, she was going to end things today. Once she kills him with this silencer, she would simply have his fingerprint without interruptions. She was at the door when she wore her gloves and stepped in.


The creaking sound of the door and unusual calm breeze that washed on her got her thinking. What was going on? Is it Julie? It can’t be, the old woman assured her that Julie wouldn’t survive the whip, no ghost has ever survived it. So she waved the thoughts off and started towards Jack’s room.

She could see him clearly, he laid on the bed, fast asleep. This was going to be Swift, she would be done before anyone noticed.

But the unexpected happened, her legs floated on air and before she could let out a scream she was smashed to the ceilings and paused halfway down, with blood dripping from her nostrils. she spotted Julie with red eyes.

“Hello Siera, ready for round two?”

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The other side


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The other side 15

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