The other side 14

The other side 14

The other side

Chapter 15

Day 13

The other side 14

Siera could only denote one thing. Julie had gotten to Jack. He could see her too; Or maybe she had bewitched him somehow. She had never witnessed Jack in such mood before. This was getting out of hand. She should have just gotten a gun and drove a bullet through his heart, when she had the chance.

Damn Julie! Anyway she was pretty sure that Julie wouldn’t survive the hit, so the old woman she encountered had revealed.

It was change of plans now. Jack knows what she did already, there is no point playing nice anymore. She would take the war to him.
Jack was hell-bent on proving to Siera that he meant every word he said, he was going to cause havoc if he doesn’t see Julie in 24hours.

He went to work the next day in a different mood. His subordinates and those above him did well to stay off his path. He was angry, 5% at Siera, 95% at himself. He was so unreasonable, she had been there for him, she literally saved him countless times. Siera would have succeeded without any interruption, but Julie had been a bulwark. And he turned his back on her when she needed help.

‘But she caused your mother’s death’

A part of his mind whispered. Suddenly he felt how stupid that reason appeared to be. There are other models he could have gone to, his opponent who won the contract didn’t use an expensive model, he didn’t trust his skills, he wanted to use her to make quick money, when he had little to offer. It wasn’t her fault she rejected him, no one in her place would accept his proposal.

‘She locked you up remember?’

That mind again.

‘She called you trash’

It welled up in his head that he began to tighten his grip on his desk.

Williams, his colleague got scared at the sight.

“Hey bro? Are you OK?”
“I’m fine, mind your business”

It was a strict warning, and Williams was wise to obey.

“I love you”

Her words transcended and eventually surpassed every other thought. He couldn’t shake it off…why did she say that? She said it to torment him or what?


He made a burst and threw down the files piled up on his desk.

Williams whisked to the door for safety.

“You’ve gone crazy man”

He ignored and picked his car keys.

“Tell the boss I got sick”
“Certainly, you are sick…you are certainly sick”

He nudged Williams out of the way and zoomed off the premises.

He was meters to his house when favour appeared and sat by the passengers seat. He halted in shock and it took his manly skills to swerve and bring the car to balance.

“What the…? You fucking scared me!”

She waited till he was calm before she requested.

“Julie needs you”
“I was going to ask you where you took my Julie to”
“Your Julie?”

The sarcastic tone Favour used in her question made him stutter. What was he thinking when he said ‘my Julie’ she is a ghost for Christ sake.

“I..I..meant Ju..lie…My friend just get Julie here”

She nodded and took off. He sighed in relief and caught himself smiling. Julie was coming back.

He suddenly realised and cautioned himself.

“Why are you smiling?”

There was no one around to answer his question.

He got home and thought it wise to put his house in order. It didn’t want Julie to meet his house messy.

“Why are you putting your apartment in order?”

He asked himself again.

“Jack would you stop asking yourself question!”

He yelled and held his head.

“Oh my God, I’m going crazy”

Viola! Favour appeared with Julie; he froze, she was all grey, veins strained to her eyes, the dark hole embedded in her chest had enlarged.

He attempted to reach for her when the house darkened, the lights went off, the chairs rend in two, an unusual wind settled in the apartment, Favour took off immediately.

The gatekeeper appeared next with her white cloak and horse whip, oozing with black smoke.

Jack froze with fear, he shook his head at the sight and muttered.

“My normal life is over”

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The other side


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The other side 14

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