Ladies! Don’t bore your man.

Ladies! Don't bore your man.

Ladies! Don't bore your man.

Seriously have had alot of conflicting issues on this one. It has suddenly become tradition in a relationship that the man shoulders practically everything, including efforts to spice up the relationship.
It’s like a common phrase “Let the man be the man”.

The idea that men should do everything in the relationship has been spoon-fed to us by society for years, and it’s assumed that women should just be on the receiving end. However, since we’re all for gender equality these days, should we really still be participating in this behavior?

Hannah Harshe, a sophomore at University of Michigan, believes it is up to us to confidently keep knocking down the gender role stereotypes that hold women to certain behaviors in a relationship.

“Boys will never know what to do with us ­– but the good ones will stand in awe of us, while the bad ones will try to squash us down with gender stereotypes and patriarchal constructs,” Hannah says.

Acting on feelings shouldn’t be limited exclusively to men. If you want to do something, do it. Make no excuses on behalf on your gender.

You hear some excuses like ” I don’t want to get hurt”…listen, in the end, a lot of repressing feelings boils down to not wanting to get hurt. You hide your feelings in the hopes that if the relationship ends up failing before it even begins, you won’t be disappointed.

However, no matter how much you mask your feelings to the world, you will still end up disappointed if the relationship ends. Don’t give yourself the opportunity to ask yourself, “What could I have done differently?” Be authentically you and know that better opportunities are on the way if you were 100 percent yourself and things still didn’t work.

It’s time to take back the power, ladies. No patriarchal social construct should restrict how you interact with a potential lover. Feel free to openly express yourself, make mistakes, meet the wrong people and date even wrong-er ones…all to meet the right person. 


Ladies! Don't bore your man.

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