The other side 14

The other side 14

The other side

Chapter 14

Day 9-12

The other side 14

“The gatekeeper is the keeper of the gates, hunter of lost souls. Link to the other side”
He didn’t get the explication.
“I meant what the gatekeeper has to do with this…?”
“She armed Siera with the whip”

Favour continued, examining Julie closely.

“And what is that supposed to do?”
“Wipe Julie of existence, she is still here because the whip barely touched her. But you see this dark hole, once it spreads, she’ll wash off”

Jack paced now, he had conflicting thoughts…he needed her around till he was sure of his safety.

“Look, you need to find a way to heal her…I need her for special reasons…”

He stopped pacing and took a good look at Favour again before he realised one fact.

“God I am no longer normal, So this is how Jack now talk to ghosts”

Favour was still for a while before she divulged the truth.

“I can’t save her, but you can”

He couldn’t believe his ears…it was ridiculous. The expression on his face wasn’t what Favour had fathomed.

“Save who? Me? Look that girl is the reason my mother died, she locked me up till I lost my contract…Called me trash…the only reason I need her around is because she is a good bonus against Siera…But if this is what you are requesting, then forget it please…she can wash off from existence and stop plaguing my life”

Favour mouth stood agape…It was proof that Jack was after his own skin…she shut her eyes in rage that the foundation of the house shook.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

He shrieked in fear…maybe he had said too much.

“You ungrateful bastard, she defiled the gatekeeper because she wanted to save you…she sacrificed her chance of returning to the land of the living, because she wanted to see you don’t end up dead…even if it meant losing her life in the process…you don’t deserved it…you would rot, and she wouldn’t be here to save you”

Favour dropped the word and took off with Julie…

He felt cold wash down his spine. The reality was quite confusing, but one thing was certain, he had said too much.

He sat on his sofa, instructing his subconscious mind not fall for the words he heard.

She had to go, she is the reason he lost his mother, he can’t possibly forgive her for that.

“She can die for all I care…”

He concluded and life went on.

For days he tried not to think of Julie. He was quite smart to stall the thoughts anytime it surfaced.

First his apartment got messy again. Julie popped his thoughts but he waved it off. His personal efforts were beginning to lose hold…quickly he called Frank up, he clearly needed help.

“What’s up bro, you home?”

Frank’s affirmative response prompted him to request.

“How about we stop by the bar”

Frank was no rookie…he knew something was up, Jack requests for the bar when he was troubled.

“So are you telling me what’s up?”

Jack had opened his mouth when he realised Frank wouldn’t believe him anyway.

Instead he twisted the question.

“Is it wrong to neglect the person who sacrificed her own life to see you live life to the fullest?”

Frank chuckled at his question at first.

“Is it Siera? You had a fight?”

He wasn’t hitting on the question.

“Frank answer the question”
“Bro it wrong nah, you don’t need a soothsayer to spill this out. Why will you neglect the one person who sacrificed all to see you alive?”

Frank was perfectly sure he was talking about Siera, maybe they had a fight or something…or they broke up.

“Jack what have you done to Siera?”

Jack had his hands glued to the glass of beer he had stuck halfway to his mouth. He bowed in realisation.

“Frank, I’m a fool, I am a fool Frank, she sacrificed everything for me…everything”

Frank had not gotten a Confirmation to his question.

“Jack calm down, is it Siera?”

Jack stood up and gulped the last resort of beer, without dropping pleasantries, he started to his car.


Frank called but he paid no attention. Jack’s regret was tuned to anger, he needed someone to blame for his foolishness, and there was no perfect person than the originator of the whole incident.

He got to Prada designers and encountered Siera in a perfect spot, seated in her office.

“Jack? Jack I saw Julie, she wanted to kill me Jack”

She hurried and hugged him, feigned tears welled up in her eyes.

“You didn’t even call to know what happened Jack, she almost killed me”

She still held onto him, sniffing and hoping he bought her story.

He freed himself from her grip. Slowly he trailed his hands to her neck.

She couldn’t tell what is expression was…his hands trailing to her neck were arousing, erotic.

And slowly he had her against the wall and traced his hands from her breasts up to her neck now, massaging softly…she wasn’t sure of his intentions, but he was damn erotic, she shut her eyes and trusted his guts for a while when she moaned out his name.


And then suddenly, he tightened his grip, and slowly heaved the life from her. She struggled but her feminine strength was no match for his…

“Ja..ack” Her wild hit on his arm did her no good, he was going to snuff the life out of her.

 His voice was low but hoarse… His eyes red and jaw tightened. He muttered through his clenched teeth.

“You bastard…what have you done to my Julie…?”

Just a blink away, she would have lost her life. He freed her and waited till she caught her breathe before he warned.

“If I wait till nightfall, and I can’t find Julie…you are dead, it’s not a threat, it’s a promise”

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The other side


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The other side 14

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