The other side 13

The other side 13

The other side

Chapter 13

Day 8/9

The other side 13Jack was plainly going to drink his way to death. Julie screamed and attempted to stop it but surprisingly she was stuck, she couldn’t go near them, and neither could Jack hear her.
Siera was smart, she poured out a glass of wine for herself too, so Jack wouldn’t surmise a thing.


She could discern that her calls were to no avail…cleverly she caused the vase on the dinning table to fall with a loud noise.

Jack got the notification. He sneezed and acted like he got startled with the thud…

“What was that?”

He had successfully knocked off the full bottle of wine and equally the one in his hands.

“I’m sure it’s nothing… Oh my, your wine… And I bought it specially for you”

She growled within at the loss, but she was not ready to give it up yet…

“Have mine then”

She extended her glass of wine to him…he swallowed hard, smiled and returned the favour.

“No baby, you have it…I don’t want to have your share…that would be too greedy”
“No I wouldn’t mind”

She extended it again, gradually losing her patience with him.

“No, but I would mind…so no…”

She was quiet, contemplating on whether to flare up or keep calm.

“Emm Jack, have you been seeing Julie, her ghost?”

Her question was undeviating…he was thrown off balance and was careful in his response.

“Julie? I thought she was declared missing? They’ve found her?”

He recurred her question with his questions.

“Emm, yeah, but I’ve been seeing her ghost Jack, so I’m just wondering… Maybe she is dead”

Jack had the perfect moment to twist the question now.

“Why? Ghosts only go after people who are somehow connected to their death”

Siera glowered and hit him mildly.

“What’s that? Maybe it’s just my mind playing tricks on me, you know she was my best friend”
“Yeah maybe”
“Ok baby can I spend the night?”

Her request was suspicious… Well of course Jack was wise not to give in…

“Emm actually, I was planning to crash at Frank’s place”

He had hoped that would somehow terminate the request…but she was adamant.

“Oh don’t worry, I would stay behind…probably leave first thing tomorrow morning”

Jack wasn’t sure of her intentions, but he was better of in Frank’s apartment, than a night with Siera…

“Emm, ok…let me go get my pyjamas”

He walked past Julie and gave a signal.

“Jack, you are leaving me with her?”

She shivered in fear, thoughts of what Bernice might have armed Siera with scared Julie. She couldn’t go near Jack when he was with Siera, it must be something Bernice has armed Siera with. She imagined the havoc Siera might create at Jack’s absence.

“I have no choice, so she won’t suspect that I can actually see you”

He whispered thru his clenched teeth.

“And you are a ghost Julie, is it possible to hurt a ghost?”
“It isn’t, but not with the gatekeeper aiding her”
“Ok who is this gatekeeper”

Siera interrupted when she called.

“Baby? Who are you talking too”
“No one, I’m coming”

He turned back to Julie…

“I gotta go…”

She nodded and bit her fingers in fear.

“I love you”

He pretended not to hear, it was nothing serious…

“Take care baby”

The smiles Siera had was  dubious…and he was having second thoughts now.

“I would take care of the house don’t worry”

He nodded and started out.

Julie’s fright pricked his heart again…She was in danger? But what can a human do to harm a ghost…its clearly impossible..

He drove steadily, just meters away from Frank’s apartment he stopped the engine.

“I love you”

Why did she say that? He wouldn’t see her again? Is that the reason she said that? 


He jerked his car in reverse and zoomed in high speed, back to his apartment.


He called and barge into his house, the sitting room was turned into a mess, the dinning too…


She was nowhere to be found…


He found her where she laid to the wall…shivering.

“Julie? Julie?”

He picked her into his arms..

“Oh my God..”

He noticed the big dark hole embedded in her chest, and the veins coiled up to her eyes.

“Dammit, Julie?”
“She is going to die”

It was favour…she appeared from nowhere

“Who the hell are you? what the fuck are you saying, ghosts don’t die”
“Not when the gatekeeper is involved Jack”

He had heard enough of the gatekeeper… He lashed in anger.

“Who the fuck is the gatekeeper!!”

©onyeneke Abel. November 2017 all rights reserved.

The other side


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The other side 13

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