The other side 10

The other side 10

​The other side

Chapter 10

Day 5

The other side 10

Jack still tried to sleep and figure if all he had been through for the past 24hours was just a dream. He was sure of what he saw, but at least, there is no harm in trying.
And so he slept and woke up the next morning with his eyes still deem and weary.

He cleared his throat and called in a whisper to confirm.


She didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Am here”

She appeared by the door.

“Oh great, so it’s real”
“Don’t worry”

He got out of bed and headed into the bathroom. He needed to be sure if he still had privacy.


She was taking an impatient stroll round the room. Time is what she does not have. And to put it to Jack was now a necessity.

“Since when did you come around?”
“Emm, for 3days now”

He was quiet and she wondered why he asked.

“You…you know I’ve had my bath…did you? Emm, you know what, forget it”

He was going to let it go but she helped him out 

“Yes I did, like I’m doing now”

She announced her presence in the bathroom.

“What the hell! Out!”

He grabbed his towel and covered up.

“Chill Jack, what’s there that I’ve not seen before and hurry up, we have work to do”

He wanted to explain that it was unnatural to have a ghost seeing the very important part of his human body, but he felt she might grow angry and strike him with a strange disease, he has watched lots of such happen in Nigerian movies.

“Jack, you have an inheritance, and I think it’s huge”

She started as he prepared for work.

“So if you’re saying I have an inheritance, you mean my parents…are not my real parents, because I was the bread winner of the house”

He pointed out and got his clothes on.

“Probably, but the thing is, Siera knows, and the only way we can get this info, is thru the same Siera”

He was in his car now, he made sure he was out of the compound before he replied.

“So how do we get the info from her, I can’t just go and ask her, or linger around. The girl is a devil, she’ll suspect my moves the moment I make it”

Julie was comfortably seated at the passengers.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that part, what I need you to do is destroy that document that has your finger print”

Jack was held by a traffic light, he was unaware of the cab beside him, with the driver and passengers staring at him talking to the unforseen. Making gestures and talking signs.

“Bros, who you dey talk too?”

The driver brought down his windscreen and called out.

Jack was about to lie, but he noticed all eyes from that cab on him.

“Ok Julie, they think I’m mad”

He whispered and offered a feigned smile.

“Ignore them”

The traffic light blinked green and he was so glad for that. He zoomed and got the chance to reply.

“Julie, we have to go low on this talking thing. Please, somebody should not come and think that I’m running mad”

She scoffed at it, he was taking the issue at hand with levity, she wouldn’t sway anyway. Good thing is, it was a way to trail her attempt on love, down the drain. He was never going to love her, there was no point trying. Instead of coming back, she would use him to have her revenge on Siera.

“Ok, I’ll be at my office, Siera’s office…and maybe I’ll get a clue somehow”

She was off and it somehow pleased him.

Although the thought of the supposed inheritance never gave way for another thought to come in…

Julie met Siera in a good position to reveal just how important Jack was.

“He is proving smart”

She said to Vero, Julie just got in, and she was eager to hear more.

“We can trick him to placing his thumbprint on anything. He won’t even know, that’s why we we have technology Siera. All we have to do his have him touch something”

Siera’s eyes brightened at the idea, she stood up and roared.

“You are the best Vero”

But the next moment she thought of something else.

“Have we ever thought if this would work? Cos I can’t have Jack as my boss in this company”

Boss? Boss? That one hit Julie, was Jack somehow connected to Prada designers?
“Here is what we’ll do”

Julie felt cheated when Siera whispered to Vero’s ear. Why would she do that? What was so important that she had to whisper.

She drew closer and closer till Favour came from nowhere to pull her from them.


Favour didn’t hesitate, she took Julie with her and appeared at some place far.

“What was that for? I was going to get an important info and you blew it!”

Favour scoffed at her words.

“Or I just saved your ghost life”
“What do you mean?”

Julie got confused. Favour took a while to get Julie curious before she asked.

“What if I tell you that Siera can see and hear you…

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The other side


What happens next??


The other side 10

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