The other side 9

The other side 9

The other side 

Chapter 9

Day 3/4

The other side 9

Julie completely understood how he felt, like who wants to be tormented by a ghost? Although she wanted to help him secure his life and whatever inheritance he had in store, but for now, he doesn’t understand. She watched him sit on bare tiles, questioning God.”God what have I done? Why is this happening to me, ok I wished her dead but I really didn’t want her dead…why is she tormenting my life now?”

He was completely ignoring her and crying to God. For a moment there she had to laugh.

“Are you serious?”

She had to question him.

He looked to her with red, tearful eyes.

He discovered she was still around. His cry went intense

“God she is still here ooo”

Julie couldn’t bear, she burst into laughter.

“Jack just calm down, I am stuck with you whether you like it or not”

She allowed her words sink into his subconscious mind before she continued.

“Don’t worry, it’s just for a few days, I would let you be, for now,  I said earlier, your life is in danger, we have to work together, unless you want to be a ghost like me”

He was quiet now, he sniffed in and started to sit on his cushion, the suddenly realise that even God had decided to let this ghost hang around him.

“So Jack, what do you say?”

He looked up to see her close to him, he was still a little shaky but he composed himself, and with a low tone he muttered.

“You are the reason my mother died, you locked me up for days,and made me lose my contract, you called me trash…now I should work with your ghost? You expect me to believe you”

She stood up and felt his words sting her. His head was still bowed, he dare not look to her face.

“Jack listen, I am sorry for all that, but…”
“Sorry? Just sorry?”

He was becoming rational.

“Listen Jack, it’s in the past, Siera is out to kill you, don’t you get?”

An uncomfortable silence gained access and stood in between them, and Julie was going to speak up when she perceived Siera approaching the house.

“Listen, I can permit you to tell Frank about me, but don’t you dare tell Siera”

She disappeared before he understood the scene, the next minute Siera’s voice rang from outside.


He rushed and opened up, hugged her tight and quickly brought her in.

“I have something important to tell you”

He froze for a minute and tried to see if Julie was anywhere visible. Well, she sat at the dinning waiting for him to try and spit it out.

“What is it? You don’t look settled”
“Yes yes…it’s…it’s…”
“It’s what?”

Jack discovered he couldn’t breathe the words out. He pushed to his limits until Siera grew fed up.

“You know what? Just forget it”
“No no, hold on, it’s…it’s…”

Julie held his tongue from spitting the words out.

“Jack please, Just let it go, tell me about it later”

She beckoned in haste and pushed with a cover question.

“Have you eaten something?”

Before he replied she quickly chipped in with the real reason she came around.

“Emm, baby, remember that document that carried your thumbprint”

Jack grew suspicious immediately, but was smart not to show it.

“Which document? I can’t really remember”

He replied her and started towards the bedroom like he wanted to help find it.

Julie was glad he didn’t reveal it. She followed to the bedroom just in case he changes his mind.

“What do you want to use it for?”

He stylishly asked while he searched.

“Oh yeah, I want to open and account for you where I can chip in little packages”

She winked at him, hoping he would fall for it. He didn’t, but was smart to act like he did.

“Wow, thanks baby…”

He hugged her tight and kissed her. Julie simply rolled her eyes in disgust.

“But why my thumbprint? What is my signature for?”

He chipped in a nervous laugh before he continued

“I mean, my signature is not for fancy or is it?”

She came prepared, she knew he would ask a question like that.

“Yeah I know, but I don’t want a situation where I would always call you to come to sign in some confidential documents used in preparing your special account, so your thumbprint is better, it would be scanned and used on all the documents”

He wanted to remind her that a signature can be scanned and used too but he thought it wise to agree to her suggestion, so she wouldn’t notice he had his suspicions.

“You know what baby, I would settle down and look for it, when I get it, I would bring it to you”

Siera knew he wasn’t going to be true to that, but before she made a protest, her phone rang and demanded her presence back at work.

She ended the call and pecked him on his lips.

“Alright baby, I gotta bounce, duty calls”

He was certain she was gone before he called out.

“Julie? Julie?”

She was right behind him, and scaring the daylight out of him was her plan.

“I’m here”

She startled his skin from his muscles.


He yelled and jumped to almost touch the ceilings.

She burst out laughing.

“Oh it’s funny right? Please don’t ever do that again”

He beckoned amidst panting.

“So you called me”

She reminded him while she sat, crossed her leg and waited for him to state the obvious.

“Siera is up to something”

He said what she wanted, but it wasn’t complete.

“And as much as this sounds, like it’s abnormal, not humanly possible…”

She rolled her eyes and interrupted him.

“Jack? And?”
“Ok I believe you, she is up to something”

She smiled now.

“So we work together to discover this right? Are you in?”

She needed his consent first.

“Yeah, am in”

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The other side


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The other side 9

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