The other side 8

The other side 8

The other side

Chapter 8

The other side 8

Day 2/3

Julie could see as he shook from head to his toes, to the extent the dinning table began to vibrate.

“Jack, please calm down”
“Ok, I’m down..I mean am calm now”

He muttered but his body system betrayed his lies.

“Jack you’re still shaking”

She pointed out.
“Oh, Am i?”

He replied as soon as she dropped her words.

“So how did you get in here? Like how…how did you appear from nowhere?”

He asked, praying so hard that she don’t respond with what the dreadful part of his mind whispered.

“Simple logic Jack. I am dead”

That was the word he feared she might say.

His system doubled the fright and he shivered even more.

“You…you are…you are dead?”

He swallowed hard and broke out in hot sweat.

“So am not dreaming, am seeing your ghost?”

She nodded to his question and stood up.

“Jack just calm down, I’ve been around for sometime now. Who do you think put your messy house in order? Oh and who cooked the rice you’re eating now? I did dummy”

Instantly the delicious rice turned sour in his tummy. The thought of eating from a ghost made him nausea. He threw up.

“Ewww…come on Jack, put yourself together. You are a man”

She was getting tired of his timidity. Although she understood what he was going thru, she was perfectly sure that if she was in his shoes, she would not just pee on her pants, but would be thrown into comma for approximately 3years.


She paused, she felt telling him straight to his face that he has to fall in love with her in less than 30days, was way too embarrassing. She literally had that as a second thought now. Now she has to make sure he doesn’t end up dead like her.

“Yea..? But Ju…Julie before you continue, I didn’t kill you did i?”
“No you didn’t”
“Then why did you choose to torment me”
“Jack for the love of God I am not tormenting you”

He paused when she held her head in frustration. He instantly felt he was talking too much. His next thought was she might decide to strike him with a strange disease or something.

“Jack, it’s normal to talk to me”

He chuckled in fright.

“Yea…of course, talking to a ghost is completely normal”

She shot him a stern look and he quickly apologized.

“I’m sorry”
“Jack, Siera is not who you think she is…she had me murdered. And I’m pretty sure she wants to do same to you too”

He was quiet, and she couldn’t tell if he believed her.

“She came around to the  house, looking for a document that held your finger print”

She didn’t know if going towards him was wise, but she had to check if he was still a part of the living.

“Can you give me time to process the fact that I’m not going mad?”

He requested and was careful in being polite.

She hissed and made him believe she had gone when she went invisible.


He muttered as he stood up. She attempted to help when he almost lost balance but decided and retraced her steps.

He looked to the time, it was past 8pm. Quickly he snatched his car keys and hurried to Frank’s apartment. 

“Frank, I’m going mad”

He blurted out the moment Frank opened up.

“Jeez bro, you are shivering”
“My brother, how I was able to drive here, is a miracle”

He took off his jacket and sat on bare tiles, panting heavily.

“Ok what’s up?”

Frank questioned now, when Jack refused to share a glass of wine with him.

“I saw her…”

Frank eyes went wide, he drop his glass of strong wine and took time to adjust before he asked.

“You found her?”

Jack frowned at his question.

He replied in whisper.

“Her ghost. She is dead”

Frank paused for a minute and took another look at him before he questioned with a concerned look.

“Bro, I think you need a psychiatrist”

Frank didn’t believe him and it only drove him mad.

“You think I just made this up? I saw her man! She talked to me, we talked for more than 2minutes”

He was sweating profusely, with his eyes protruding in fear.

“Ok calm down, calm down…tomorrow we would see the doctor”

Frank advised.

“What are you saying Frank!”
“I am saying ghosts don’t exist brother, after death is judgement! No ghost bro, it must be malaria or something disturbing your brain. I insist we see the doctor”

Jack held his head in frustration, Frank was the only pillar he had left. Now even his safe place, wasn’t safe.

“You don’t believe me?”

He questioned again, hoping Frank would rethink”
“Jack just relax, we would see a doctor…”
“Don’t tell me that rubbish! I am perfectly fine! and I know what I saw. You know what, forget it. I am out of here!”

Jack Interjected and started towards the door.


He paid a deaf ear, but just by the door he remembered his house was off limits. What if she appears to choke him at night. The thought sent shivers down his spine.

“You know what? I’ll crash here tonight”

He turned and ignored as Frank laughed and assured him its just as a result of malaria.
The next day he was out before Frank heard the cock crew. Straight to his pastor’s office.. There is nothing God can’t do.

He rushed in and poured out his plight to Pastor Dayo.

“It’s a familiar spirit brother Jack, kneel and let’s pray”

The prayer was intense. One that prompted pastor Dayo to remove his big coat to rain the heavens down to earth.

Suddenly he got that confidence, Julie was surely finished, with this kind of prayers, he was certain she had been dissolved to dust, never to plague his life again.

With confidence he entered his apartment and to God be the glory, the first person to welcome him was Julie.

“Welcome home Jack”

He burst into tears.

“Oh my God, God why….”

©onyeneke Abel. November 2017 all rights reserved.
The other side


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The other side 8

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