The other side 7

The other side 7

The other side

Chapter 7

Day 2

The other side 7

Jack was safely placed on bed and watched till Julie was sure he had a pulse. She sat with her face buried in her palms. Indeed making him see her so suddenly was a bad idea, she understood now, why favour questioned her plans.
“Maybe I shouldn’t reveal myself to him again”

She finally blurted out, staring at his unclad body.

“You would have to, he has to believe what he saw his not some trance or dream, he has to believe it’s you”

Julie sighed, she thought of what she had put him thru, and realised she had been so cruel.

“I don’t even know if he would be able to forgive me for what I did to him, how can he love me then?”

Favour stood up and was going to go, but never failed to encourage her a bit.

“Don’t give up before you start. There is still time, use the best of it”
“Where are you going?”

Julie had to ask. What would she do without favour?.

“Bernice is on my tail, I can’t be in one place for too long, but I’ll always check on you ok?”

Before Julie could raise an objection, favour was out of sight. She stared at Jack now, she couldn’t believe she would someday be the guardian angel of the supposed man she saw as trash. 
Jack woke up the next morning, feeling paranoid and suspicious of his environment. He held his head to massage and tame the slight headache he felt.

“What was that…?”

He questioned, not that he was expecting an answer from anyone.

He picked himself from bed and determined to get to work. He was done being shy and scared to face his colleagues, after loosing to his rival. It’s been a week since he last appeared at work. He was certainly going to come up with a convincing story, as to why he exceeded the 2weeks leave given him for the burial of his mother.

Julie thought it wise to let him be that morning, she heated the food she prepared and brought his attention to the food when she made a sound with the pot.

He stopped on his way to the dinning and took a peep. He wasn’t satisfied with just sightseeing, he started into the kitchen, perceiving the aroma of the Jollof rice. He sniffed and opened the pot. He wasn’t aware when the word

“Wow” escaped his mouth.

Julie smiled at first, but the moment he mentioned

“Siera, you are a blessing”

Her smiles dried up to a frown, one that she felt like slapping a tooth off his mouth.

She followed to the advert company, where he worked. She was a minute there when she had a strong urge to go back to his house and wait.

She appeared back to the house and could hear noises from his bedroom.

It was Siera! What was she doing? Perspiration stood on her face, she was in distress, looking for something.

“Where is it…? Come on where is it…? Where is your fucking thumbprint?”

It became clear, it seemed there was a document that had Jack’s thumbprints. Julie’s guess was she wanted it scanned or something.

Julie wasn’t ready to let her find it. So she took to the main door and made a knock sound.

Siera froze in fear, and after couple of minutes to muster courage she went to the door to discover it was no one. She was about to go on with her search when the knock came again and went on for three more times, till she hurried out of the house.

“What does she need his thumbprint for? Why would she come behind his back to get it?”

She questioned, Jack was not safe with Siera. Was she planning to murder Jack too?

She followed Siera to the office. Siera had made a few changes to her office. Her flowers vase had been changed. All her pictures had being replaced.

Vero entered, she didn’t act formal when she approached Siera 

“You found it?”

She questioned in a whisper. The frustrated expression Siera wore was enough to make Vero conclude in a distressed sigh.

“You didn’t”

Siera nodded now, in affirmation.

“So what do we do? Jack his smart, there is no way he would thumbprint on a document that you would keep, he doesn’t trust you”

Vero had to be sincere in the part where she stated that Jack never had trust for Siera.

“Oh trust me nah. I would get his thumbprint, and we would get the wealth, all of it. All his entitlement. We would be gods in this city vero, gods…”

Vero eyes glimmered for Joy but wasn’t given the opportunity to thrill when a knock on the door interrupted them.

“ssshhh, go on, get back to work”

Siera instructed as vero let in the fashion designer who obstructed them.

Julie was no fool, she could read the scene. Jack had an inheritance he doesn’t know of. And with their description, it was something huge.

She spent the rest of the day monitoring Siera, but she did nothing else to give her an hint on what she planned to do next.

She realized that Jack has to see her, and know she exists, else he looses everything, just like she lost hers, and she knew it would finally end up in his murder.

He was having dinner in his dinning room when she sat at the far end of the table and called out to him.


He froze, his spoon fell from his grip as he shook in fright.

“Yes it’s me, and for the love of God, don’t faint again”

©onyeneke Abel .November 2017 all rights reserved.

The other side


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The other side 7

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