The other side 6

The other side 6

The other side 
Chapter 6

Day 1

The other side 6

Julie blinked several times to understand the scene. Siera had her murdered, took her house and properties, took her place in the company and now she is obstructing her only chance to come back to earth…seriously, this lady planned her doom from the ancestors.
She whisked and attempted to smash Siera but simply went thru.

“Ah, seriously? Bernice!”

She lashed in frustration and caused the book shelf, holding tons of clothes design to shake.

“What’s that…?”

Jack was first to notice. Siera concentrated on the pleasure she was deriving from his lips so she hardly noticed.

“Uuhhh…come on”

She brought his attention back to her lips.

“Its probably a rat or something”

She concluded.

“Chai, Siera me rat? Siera you call me rat…? God punish you… Idiot”

Julie lamented in pain.

“Rat? A rat in your office. I mean this spacious and exquisite office. A rat can find its way here?”

Jack wasn’t convinced.

“Honey can we just change the topic. What about a date tonight?”

Julie watched them in hurt. She realised it was 

Impossible to fufill this mission of hers. At least she gave it a shot.

“Where are you going to?”

A ghost called from behind her.

“Who is this one now?”

She questioned, she was really tired of the recent surprises she has been experiencing.

“I have been following you around”

Julie held her waist now.

“Ahn ahn, why? Are you like guardian angel or what? Or do ghost still have guardian angels?”

Favour didn’t mind her rude response.

“Joan sent me, even before she approached you. She knew you would want to give this up”

Favour explained now.

“Oh, Joan…”

Julie didn’t sound so interested.

“Joan wanted you to avenge her right?”

Julie nodded and felt guilty for forgetting about Joan’s request.

“Did you even ask who?”

Julie realised she didn’t even ask Joan who she wanted to have vengeance on.

“No I didn’t…”
“Well, it’s the same woman that murdered you”

Julie gasped at Favour’s reply…How has she been friends with Siera for four years without her instincts giving her an hint on how evil Siera was.

“Are you serious?”
“Yeah, the girl is a bitch…so make sure you succeed and get back at her”

Julie scoffed at that one now. She was making no progress.

“Favour right?”

Favour gave her the go ahead when she nodded in agreement.

“Jack can’t see me, can’t hear me, can’t feel me…so there is no…”

Favour hissed at her words, cutting her shot with a questionable expression.

“Who said you can’t do all that?”
“Well one thing is really certain, sister favour…I can’t do it…”

Julie had to remind Favour of the issue at hand.

“Its easy, but are you sure you want him to see you?”

Favour’s question made Julie laugh, although it wasn’t funny.

“Yes nah, he has to see me”
“Hmmm, are you sure?”

Julie got serious now.

“Ok are you helping me or not”

She replied hoarsely.

“Hmm, am just saying oh…I will help you, let’s wait till he gets home”
Jack knew Siera would finally catch up with his plans someday, but he wanted to make sure he had half of what he wants before she finds out that he is just after her money.

He took her on a date; she paid the bills and he was making plans to take her to his apartment that night to finish it up.

Nothing must stop that fact.

“Babe, it looks like this two are gonna end up on the same bed”

Julie was first shocked when Favour addressed her with the word “babe”

“Seriously, do ghosts use the word ‘babe’ you got swaggs here too?”

Favour scoffed at her questioned and indicated with her fingers.

“I said your guy is going to bang this night and you are talking shit”

Julie realised now.

“He is what?”
“Don’t you see he trying to get her drunk?”

Favour pointed out and got Julie thinking.

“Ok what do we do?”

She asked impatiently.

“Why are looking at me?”

Favour had to ask when Julie focused on her for answers. 

“Well you are the guardian angel…You know…the follower, the experienced ghost, me I don’t know anything, so what do we do?”

Favour agreed with her Julie’s point.

She caused the electricity power of the fast food plaza, where they had dinner to trip off.

“Wow, you are talented girl”

Julie commented

Siera took her pause and started out of the fast food plaza, after an hour without positive headways to get power back.

“How about my place tonight?

She was going to respond when favour made her high heels wedge cut loose.

“You know what? Lets end up in your apartment next time. Today is not my lucky day”

she concluded and called for her pilot.

Jack kicked an empty tin of malt in anger.


Siera was long gone. He wanted to stop by a bar but favour caused the same electrical fault that he got frustrated and went home.

“Are you ready?”

Favour questioned now when Jack was safely home. He was taking a shower and Julie insisted she wanted him to see him when he was out of the bathroom.

“Just concentrate and feel like a human again, that’s it, you can only make people see you when you feel like a human around them”

Julie got her point. She wanted to peep into the bathroom to see what Siera was going to enjoy that night, but Favour’s eyes on her made her stay put.

“Can he see me?”

Julie had to ask when Jack froze the moment he was out from the bathroom.

“I dunno, I am sure he can”

Julie looked back to favour and then to Jack.

“Jack? Then why isn’t he moving?”

Jack stood still for more than 15minutes before he blinked.

“Ahn ahn, why am I not waking up from this dream?”

His question made Julie realised that he was in shock.

“Jack, it’s me, Julie”

He laughed, and Julie was scared for him the next minute.

“Favour is he running mad?”
“I dunno oh, it looks like it oh”
“Jack it’s me, Julie”

She continued.


Julie smiled now, thank goodness, he recognized her. Or so she thought. Jack lost balance. He fainted.
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The other side 6

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