Why Girls choose the bad boys

Why Girls choose the bad boys

Why Girls choose the bad boys

Dating in this generation is like going up on the escalator going down. Some of these men just don’t know what a relationship means, but hey some girls don’t know either. 

I personally want to see myself as a
girl. I am the girl who loves the bad boys. I see danger and I want to chase it. It gives me some sort of adrenaline rush when I gamble with my emotions. I like the thrill of getting my heart broken, but when it happens I wonder why. Bad habits can be hard to break.

We go for the danger. A guy gives us no attention so it pulls us in. When I find someone who isn’t interested in me, it turns into a game. How can I get this guy to like me?? It’s the chase and the feeling that you never actually had him to begin with. He is not a trophy, just because you got the bad boy to like you does not mean you won. Sometimes picking the bad boy is easier than picking the good guy because you don’t think you deserve someone who treats you right. I just don’t always appreciate what I have, because I want what I can’t have. Tom and Jerry wouldn’t have even been a thing if they just liked each other and weren’t running for each other all the time, no one would watch it.

Why do we leave the good guys in the shadow? We are constantly looking for guys who admire us for us, one that likes us for our down to earth qualities not how “slim thick” we are. Bad boys keep you on your toes, but not every challenge is worth it. It’s Russian Roulette. You are in a constant adrenaline rush because you know someone is going to get hurt. Games are fun but there comes a point when the bad out weighs the fun. You don’t deserved to be brushed off and treated like an option. He might be a good time, but what happens when you want something more?

So don’t walk away from the nice guy. When the next best thing comes, bad boy is going to stop chasing you and start chasing her. The nice guy didn’t even leave when you wanted him too. You deserve Mr. Right. Appreciate the good things in life before the opportunity is gone. The only thing going to suck worse than getting hurt is regretting the chance you didn’t take. The second bad boy hurts you, you are going to wish you chose the nice guy but he is going to be with the girl who made him a choice not an option.

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Why Girls choose the bad boys

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