Why many guys don’t like makeup

Why many guys don't like makeup

Why many guys don't like makeup

There are all kinds of guys out there. Some adore makeup on their babe’s face because they believe it makes her look glamorous while others would want her just as she is.

Personally, I think makeup is growing more and more out of hand these days. Some ladies faces look more made up than that of a clown and when they take pictures, it is like color separation took place on their faces. 

I asked some of my guy friends about their opinions on make-up and majority said they liked it very light. They said the major reason they hated it is because seeing some much make up on lady immediately made them feel like the girl has nothing but her looks to offer. I believe this is a rather unfair stereotype because I have met ladies who use make-up but are still intellectual badasses. In response to this, they said they couldn’t help it, affirming that that line of thought is the first thing that usually comes to mind.

They also said that make-up usually tells them that the girl is trying too hard to gain attention. I recall that one of my friends said, “Why can’t they just apply it minimally so we can really see what they look like?” I laughed at this but could understand where they were coming from.

Too many ladies assume that because they get several ‘likes’ on social media then everyone likes the look but let me remind you that social media ‘likes’ don’t automatically translate to real-life ‘likes’. 

The time and money that it takes to apply all of that alone make me wonder what the point is. I am not anti-makeup o (far from it) but I believe a line has to be drawn somewhere and so do many others guys (who most ladies are trying to impress).

Ladies, what’s your say on this one???

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Why many guys don't like makeup

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