The other side 3

The other side 3

The other side
Chapter 3

The other side 3

It was still confusing; it was like a dream to Julie.
But karma constantly smirk the doom to her face. She was no longer a part of the living, she was dead.

“How did I die?”

She asked in her sober mood.

“I should ask you”

Joan threw the words back at her..
“I can’t remember, all I know was, I slept and didn’t wake up”

Joan only laughed and Julie found it irritating.

“Why are your laughing? What’s funny?”
“Julie, you are a ghost now. The first thing you are supposed to remember is who killed you and how you died”
“Hello? I can’t remember”

Julie replied in a rather calm tone. She just realised that her present state had taken her pride, her whole existence. She was nothing.

Joan could sense she had given up already.

“Hey, you are going to remember, but right now. We need to figure a way for you to go back. Your body has not been spotted yet. Once it’s spotted, it’s over”

Julie tried to touch a tree like Joan, but her hands simply went thru.

“I can’t even touch anything”

She said.

“I’ve lost everything”

She continued and tried to cry, but even tears was not possible.

“Listen, you can touch objects, you just have to learn, there a lot of things you can do as a ghost”

Julie was not getting her point and she was getting fed up.

“Listen, if you are not ready to fight back then am outta here”

Julie suddenly realized the opportunity she was fumbling with and called out to Joan.

“I’m sorry, what do I do?”

Joan had to build that rage and desperation in Julie, One that would help in the risk they were about to take.

“Follow me”

Joan took her and teleported to a vendor.

“Go on, read”

Julie could see clearly on the cover page.

She had been declared missing.


They went to her mansion. It had been occupied by Siera already.

“That’s my house”

She pointed out.

“Well, it’s no longer yours… Infact, it belongs to the woman who murdered you”

Julie’s rage was building up.

“And not only that, she has taken your position already as head Fashion designer…follow me”

They went straight to Prada designers and stopped at a spot where her personal Assistant settled with a peer group.

“I just pray she never gets found”

One of the girls in the group said in a whisper.

“That’s for you. Me I pray she is even dead. Like rotten in hell!”

Vero, Her own personal assistant broke the last resort of tranquility she had.

She growled in wrath but Joan was quick to hold her down.

“Leave me alone!”

She struggled.

“What do you intend doing?”
“Kill them all!”
“Of course you can do that, but how do you get your throne back. If you kill them now, some other persons would take your position. And you remain dead”

Joan made perfect sense so she calmed down. 

“But we are not leaving these backstabber to go Scot free”

Joan chipped in and made Vero twist her ankle.

Vero screamed in pain and Julie was a little satisfied at the sight.

“Come on, let’s get out of here”
Julie had to learn some new ghost tricks that would be useful to her. Although she had no idea of what was in store for her, or what prize she would have to pay. She didn’t care, she was willing to do anything that would get her back to earth.

“Who are those”

She pointed out at a group of dark ghosts lurking in the dark”

Joan didn’t give a satisfactory answer.

Her reply was


Before Julie’s eyes, the gate keeper emerge and slew the dark ghosts, every last one of them.

“Am coming for you Julie!”

She could hear the voice in echoes as she teleported alongside Joan.

“I’m trying to have this feeling…”

Joan was quick to butt in.

“You are a ghost, you have no feelings, you are not human. Dammit Julie when will you realise that? I have no time for all this shit”
“Sorry sorry…so how do I get back?”

Julie had to ask now, she felt fully ready.

Joan paused and examined the rookie ghost that stood before her, she wondered if Julie could actually get the Job done. 

“It’s simple, we would have to meet with the gate keeper”

Julie froze in fright, she had to ask again.

“You said what?”
“You heard me”
“Joan, that woman is the same voodoo that wants to throw me into the…what did you call it? The darkness of torment, right…?”

Joan sighed, she also thought the idea to be extremely risky, but it was all they had. They had to give it a short.

“Julie, the moment I joined the world, the moment I saw you. I knew it was you. You alone can achieve what thousands have tried an failed. You are not the only person the gate keeper has given another chance. But they all failed. I believe you would scape thru, cos you have got something you are fighting for, right?”

Julie got the thrill and wiped the fright out.

“Let’s do this”

Joan took a deep sigh and took Julie by her hand. And the next minute they stood face to face with the gate keeper. Surprisingly the gatekeeper didn’t look surprised at their arrival. She looked prepared for the encounter.

“I’ve been expecting you two. And I know exactly what you want. Julie’s body has not been found and I can grant her permission to go back to the world”

Joan didn’t know why the gatekeeper had to over emphasise on what she was capable of.

Joan was actually interested in the prize to pay.

“But are you willing to pay the prize, and are you willing to make the sacrifice?”

Though Julie could not tell what the sacrifice might be, she didn’t hesitate to jump at the question.

“Yes, yes…”

She looked back to Joan to see if she spoke in tune with her. Joan gave her a nod of affirmation.

And then she turned back to the gatekeeper.

“Yes we are, we would pay the prize, whatever it is, we would pay…”

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The other side


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The other side 3

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