The other side 2

The other side 2

The other side

Chapter 2

The other side 2

Jack read the news; he had tried to sell some of his treasured belongings to pay for his mother’s leukemia chemotherapy. But he was rather too late now. She passed on and tagged him an orphan, being the only son of both his deceased parents.

Frank had persuaded him to a bar to drink his sorrows away. It was there he read the newspaper of his enemy declared missing.

His eyes was a little blur but he was certain he read well.

He chuckled, but he wasn’t satisfied. He had wanted to make her pay, he had wanted to cause her so much pain. But since karma has decided to take laws into its hand, well, he couldn’t help but smile at the sight of it.

“What’s funny? She is a fellow human, where is your conscience?”

Frank words were full of spite.

“What? I hope she rots in hell. That bitch is the reason I lost my contract, the reason I lost my mother”
“Why? Because she refused your advert proposal? Come on Jack, you can’t blame that on her…there are other models that would have made the cut”

Jack anger kindled that he rose to fling off the table that carried the bottles of beer.

An uproar arosed and  with haste the waitress and bartender approached with words welled up in their mouth.

“Hold on, I’ll pay for the damages”

Frank’s words were satisfactory and the waitress went on to calculate the loss.

“Frank, I begged that bitch. She even locked me up! I could not attend my presentation!”

Frank waited till he was done ranting in pain.

“Ok Jack, I get you, let’s get back home”


Julie ignored the voice calling her from behind. She lingered and followed the men on mask as they threw her body into the boot of an dark SUV and drove to a ship in wait.

She couldn’t believe this, they took her body to an abandoned island and threw her out like some rag.

This was well planned. Who would have done this to her?

Is she dead? Why is it impossible for them to hear her? What was really happening?

She was still trying to figure these questions.

She followed back in the ship, back to sea shore where Siera was waiting…

Wait, Siera…? What was she doing here?

“It’s done madam”

One of the men in the mask said as he revealed his identity when he pulled off his mask. It was her pilot, the one she fired not up to 24hours ago.

“Good job David”

Siera commended and handed him a bundle of cash.

“Oh my God! Siera you bastard. Siera!”

Julie charged at Siera in her usual wrath but Siera simply went thru her, she was just like an air with an invisible smoke.

She fell to her knees. She tried to cry but even tears were not surfacing.

“Oh my God, I’m…I’m de…dead?”

The woman called out again.

“Julie, welcome to the other side”

Julie took a good look now. She stood up and approached the woman.

“Who are you?”

The woman had no eyes, her face was blank and it somehow scared Julie.

“I am the gate keeper, it’s high time you stop your roaming about and join the others”

Julie took a few steps backwards with a shake of her head in disagreement.

“I am not dead”
“Yes you are”
“I am not!!”
“Face it Julie, you are dead”
“I order you to leave my presence!”

The gate keeper couldn’t help but laugh now.

“Oh poor Julie, over here, you have no say, your fame and Authority died with you. Here you are nothing”

She took another good look at Julie and then revealed her face to frighten her even more.

“Ma please, I can’t be dead, please do something”

The gate keeper showed no sign of remorse to her pleas. She was about to get at Julie and send her straight to the darkness that wield lost souls when a Savior appeared and with a quick flash, stole Julie from the gatekeeper.

“Who are you?”

Julie asked the moment she discovered she had been rescued to a safe location.

“Me? I’m Joan, a lost soul. Just like you”

Joan had a large scar on her forehead. It was obvious that she was in haste.

Julie swallowed a lump of saliva.

“What’s that on your forehead, and what is the meaning of a lost soul?”

Joan touched her forehead to explain.

“This, is how I was murdered, with an axe”

Julie nodded but had not gotten the full explanation.

“We are lost cos we were killed before our appointed time”
“Ok, who was that woman? And why is she after me?”
“Simple, you were evil on earth and you hurt too many people, your punishment is darkness of torment, I saved you because we are in the same shoes, I lived the life of a cultist, I killed people, and I got killed by my best friend. The gate keeper has been after me for months now…”

Julie had to interrupt.

“Wait wait wait, I don’t understand. What going on? I’m not dead. I just slept last night and….”
“Face it rookie, you are D-E-A-D…dead…”

Joan held Julie to stand on her feet.

“And now I helped you cos you still have a slim chance of going back to the world. But you must promise me one thing”

Julie became so attentive, going back was not even an option to her, it was a necessity.

Joan continued

“I can’t go back, because my body has long been spotted. I would explain everything, but if you succeed. I would need you to avenge me, do we have a deal?”

Though Julie had not fully understood what she meant, but whatever it was, it was good news, one she was willing to do anything for

“Ok, deal”

She replied
The other side


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The other side 2

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