Moon Walker 8πŸŒ–

Moon Walker 8πŸŒ–

Moon Walker

Chapter 8
“He is really nice Sara, he helped in treating Jade”

Katherine made sure Marcus didn’t notice when she tightened her face and gave Sara that look.

Tori and greeted and shook hands with him. Sara remained by the staircase, contemplating on whom to adhere too, her mum or her instincts.

Finally she obliges and walked towards him. The canvan bracelet was on her so she couldn’t use her powers to read him.

“Hi Sara, you are beautiful”

He flattered, but it didn’t sound comfortable.

“Why not have time with the girls while I prepare dinner”

Katherine suggested and signaled the girls to behave.

“Mum likes him, she is blushing all over”

Tori whispered as they followed to the Garden.

“He’s evil Tori, I’ve met him before”

Tori’s heart missed a bit.

“He is after me, he wants me dead”

 Those were the words Tori couldn’t withstand. She bounced to him.

“Hey mister”

Marcus could hear them; his hands were tucked in his pocket. The smiles he offered were of his mischievous act.

He froze time, leaving just Sara and himself in motion.

Sara was shivering to her legs. She tried to remove the bracelet but it was glued to her hand.

“Sara, I know you must think I am the evil one”

He said as he paced round her.

“Arthur would come for me”

She shot back, trying to encourage herself. Although she wasn’t too sure about that, judging from the way their last encounter ended.

He laughed his eyes out.

“Arthur? Arthur? I am sure he is creptones meal by now”

He gave the news. Although Sara didn’t know what he meant by creptones, but she was sure it wasn’t something good.

“What I’ve you done to him? If you I’ve have done anything I’ll…”
“You’ll do what?!!!”

His thunderous voice and blue eyes made Sara lost balance and fell in fear.

“Listen Sara, I might seem evil but I can assure you that Arthur is the demon”

She was quiet. He can say all he wants but she isn’t a fool to believe whatever he says.

“Sara, who are your parents…? Who are you?”

She didn’t have to answer, he helped with the reply.

“You are moon elite, an alien. You think you are human? Or you think you have a family?”

His words were gaining weight in her ears.

“Yes Sara, your parents were moon elites, like how could you be so dumb? You think a human could have the powers you have? Or you think Arthur is out for your good. He wants to use you to killJust like he killed your parents!”

Sara held her mouth. She tried convincing herself to pay a deaf ear but it wasn’t working..


Arthur was at the gates of death. His heart had stopped and the creptones had returned in a great number. They dug their fingers in his flesh and made way for their fangs.

Gareth lamented when he rushed in to see the whole club infested with creptones, the club was thrown into a war zone. He hurried to the room Arthur laid.


The creptones glared at him for obstructing their dinner.  He quickly shapes shifted to one of them and maneuvered to place the antidote in Arthur’s mouth and made sure it went down his throat. A risk he had to take, because the creptones spotted him and charged to make sure they had every bit of his flesh.


He cried out. Yet, Arthur remained lifeless.

He had crossed to the other side. And there he stood at the gates when Sara called.

“Arthur, I need you. Marcus, he is gonna kill me Arthur. Arthur!!”

The inn began to vibrate from the foundation.

The creptones pursed their meal when they discovered the flesh they had taken from Arthur was rekindling.

Blue fire flies erupted and encompassed the whole inn.

“The moon Walker…”

They muttered as they withdrew and got ready to attack.

Every other creptone feeding on the aliens they had been able to subdue left their meal and hurried to the room Arthur lay.

He tightened his grip on the bed as the fire flies covered him up.

For a minute it all died down. The fire flies disappeared, Arthur remained still, and the creptones where about to return to their meal when Arthur shone bright blue, with a scream. His eyes went dark as he rose and floated on air. With speed he crushed every creptone with his fist, less than 2seconds.

The last unfortunate creptone winced in pain as Arthur held it with his mind, crushing every bone in its body, limb by limb.


Gareth muttered when Arthur reached for him.

“Am guessing it’s rather too late for me”

He chuckled in pain.

“No Gareth, hold on. I can still save you”

Gareth knew it was all over. He held Arthur’s arm and pleaded with his last strength.

“Protect the priestess, save us all”

The cool breeze blew on his face, he joined the other side.

Arthur let out a tear. And with dark eyes he sped out.


Marcus noticed the canvan bracelet on Sara’s hand. He smiled to himself. Killing her now would be rather too easy. But then, Gaza wanted her alive. He walked to her and grabbed her hand

“So I see Arthur has given you the bracelet. The last item he needs to harness your powers. You fool! He wants your powers for himself”

She shook her head in disbelief.

“Arthur is not like that, you are forgetting that I am a seer Marcus. I dont need to read you to know your intentions, and if you’ve hurt Arthur in anyway, I would feed your flesh to the dogs.. It’s a promise”

Marcus was preparing the portal to transport her to the moon. But her words gained weight in his ears. He let the words create the rage he needed.

He sped to her and grabbed her by her neck.

“You peasant”

He muttered thru his clenched teeth as he made her choke.

Thunder struck. The time Marcus stopped lost his hold. The clouds darkened. Tori could now see as Arthur raged with thunder erupting from his hands.


He glared, Marcus eyes went wide in fear.

Moon Walker 8πŸŒ–

Moon Walker

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Moon Walker 8πŸŒ–

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