Moon Walker 7πŸŒ–

Moon Walker

Chapter 7
An uncomfortable silence stood in between them as Arthur buttoned up his shirt. Sara thoughts were conflicted. First she didn’t know if she hurt him by going too far into his mind. Second, she was scared he might not want to touch her again. Third, she wanted more. Her desires still burned.

“You should go home now, school is closed for now”

His response was just what she expected.

“And don’t worry about Archer and the boys, I compelled them already. Your secret is safe”

He didn’t look at her direction while he spoke. He couldn’t bring himself too. She had seen his pain, his shame, that despite all the power he had. He couldn’t save his mother. Not because he couldn’t, but because he didn’t want too. She must be thinking he is one heartless monster.

She started downstairs. The mansion was rather too big for just one person.


She turned back in haste.

“The bracelet”

He threw it downwards so she could reach for it.

But before her hands got to it, he sped and picked her up, and stopped few metres to her house.


He didn’t wait when she called. He sped off.

She couldnt tell if it was because she pried into his past, or if there was a consequence to what they did. She counted her steps towards the house, thinking of what her mother might say. She would scold her for coming home late, or better still ground her for a week or two.
“Ok, this is it. Breathe Sara, breathe. You can do this”

She muttered just by the door, trying to summon courage to open up.

And finally she did.

“Mum, I can explain, I…”

Katherine didn’t wait for an explanation; she hurried to Sara, Tori tailed from behind her.

“Sara! Thank goodness”

She drew Sara into her arms and hugged her tight.

“I’ve been so worried; I have sent the police in search of you already”

Sara was about to question why before she remembered the commotion she created at school.

“Am fine mum”

Katherine released her to take another look at her daughter. She brought Tori close

“You girls are all I have now. Martin is no more. I don’t know what I’ll do if I lose any of you”.

Tori signaled Sara, Katherine was becoming sober again.

Come on mum, you won’t lose any of us. We promise ok?”


Arthur had to cool off. He entered the club, secluded from town. It was a club for just supernatural beings.

“Hey pretty boy”

A slender, sexy lady, touch him from behind.

He could still see beyond her.

“Knock it off Gareth”

The shape shifter returned to his normal male form.

“For a minute there, I had you Arthur…”

Gareth chuckled and took a chair to sit close to him.

“Oh yeah, in your dreams”

Arthur wasn’t responding to his jokes.

“What’s wrong Arthur?”

Arthur ignored and took a sip from his beer.

“It’s the seer right?”

Arthur wasn’t surprised when he guessed right. His fame with the seer was every where in the supernatural world.

“Gaza is after her Arthur”
“I know. I’ll protect her”

Arthur replied.

His vision was getting blur.

“Can you?”

Gareth chuckled, but then he noticed Arthur.

“What’s wrong?”

Arthur tried to stand up, but his legs wouldn’t carry him.

He staggered but Gareth was quick to hold him still

“The beer…”

He sniffed it.

“Alixir, it’s been poisoned with Alixir… Someone is after Sara”

Alixir was a deadly poison made by the Gazas wizards, it was capable of causing the death of a moon elite.
Arthur was able to detect it was poison before he passed out.

Gareth shape shifted to Arthur and made Arthur look in his form, to prevent an attack.

He scathed thru into the inn and placed Arthur on the bed.

Arthur’s vein crept out to his eyes. He was turning white.

“Arthur! Arthur! Shit”

He needed a Wolfsbane flower to create an antidote.

His fear was if Arthur could hold on till he gets the antidote prepared.

“Hang on Arthur. Hang in there for me”

He hurried out.

Arthur could sense the presence of the creptones. The moment Gareth stepped out.

He was guessing they came to finish the work they started.

“Moon Walker…”

He heard the whispers as they Rose from the shadows.

He groaned from within as they approached him with their fangs and claws.

He couldn’t move a muscle. 

Creptones were ugly, monstrous creatures, who fed on blood. Their favorites were moon elites. Although they didn’t have the powers to prey on the moon elites, they only had the rear opportunity if Gaza gives them the honor of poisoned moon elite, as a reward, when they carry out his biddings.

Arthur tightened his grip on the bed and winced in pain, when they dug their claws into his flesh

“Hmm, taste good… Taste good”

Arthur tightened his eyes, and with his last resort he opened his mind and picked them all, and held them up to the ceiling. He pushed further with a loud scream and radiated their cells till they exploded..

He gasped for air; the veins had gotten his heart.

He knew fully well more creptones would come.


Sara was still asleep.  School had been closed for renovations. The news had announced that an earthquake had caused the disaster.

Although Tori knew now that Sara was responsible.

“You…? You did that?”

She questioned when Sara woke her up to spill, the next morning.

She nodded.


Tori pushed further as she sat up

Sara was about to reply when she got this feeling of another supernatural being in the house.

“Someone is here”

She said as she stood up from the bed.

“Yes, we are *someone* Sara…”

Tori replied, trying to remind Sara that they weren’t invisible.

“No I mean someone, someone not human, I can feel it”

Tori jumped down from the bed and led the way downstairs.

“Oh, those are my girls”

It was Katherine, ushering a young man in.

“Girls this is Peterson, my colleague at work”

Sara observed her distance, as her eyes went wide. She could still remember clearly.

It was Marcus. What was he doing in her house?

Moon Walker 7πŸŒ–

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Moon Walker



Moon Walker 7πŸŒ–

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