Moon Walker 6 πŸŒ–

Moon Walker 6 πŸŒ–

Moon Walker

Chapter 6
Arthur released his arm and made a stop sign.

“Hey! Easy boys, Let’s do it this way, I take the beating. You let her go unharmed”

Archer chuckled with a gesture.

“You wanna be the hero huh?”

He questioned, folding up his sweater to prepare a fist.

Sara couldn’t believe what she heard. She held his arm and stood on her toes to reach for his ears.

“What are you doing?”

She questioned. She just witnessed Archer groaning in pain at Arthur’s touch. Now, he won’t at least put up a fight?

“Go, I got this”

He whispered back and gave her a little push. She started towards the door but was forced to hurry back.

“Let him go!”

Archer had a hidden inimical agenda against Arthur, so making sure he gets a massacre, wasn’t all that difficult.

“Arthur, fight back! I know you can. Hit them back!”

He was bleeding already, yet, there he lay with his head bowed.

She had to do something. She picked the basketball and threw it with all the force she had in her.

It didn’t help either.

“Let him go!”

The sympathy she had gradually turned into tears, and then anger, seething thru her veins. She channeled her anger to her brain and took hold of Archer with her mind. He choked and bled out thru his eyes and nose.


Arthur muttered when he saw Archer fall to the ground, gasping for air.

Her eyes were turning red.

With her mind, she picked each of them into the air and scattered them in different directions.

The foundation of the entire school began to tremble at her wrath as cracks appeared on every wall.

She was not in control of herself. Arthur tried to stop time but her powers were let loosed, it countered his attempts.

He sped towards her, but the force shield around her prevented him from getting to her.

She held each of the tornadoes against the wall, choking each of them at the same time as they all bled from their eyes.

Arthur could see things were getting out of hand. He couldnt believe Sara was capable of all these. In his entire sojourn on earth, He had never encountered any supernatural that surpasses his abilities.

The prophecy was indeed true.

 “Sara, Sara! Listen to me, you have to calm down!” Sara, you can do this, am here, and am fine now. Am fine, am not hurt ok?”

He quickly healed up to cover all the wounds the tornadoes inflicted.

“See? Am fine, now let these kids go. You don’t want blood on your hands”

She heard his words in a whisper. And slowly her adrenaline cooled off. Her brown eyes were restored. The boys she had almost drained fell to the ground unconscious. Her legs could no longer carry her.

Without wasting anymore time Arthur sped her out, into the woods, to his secluded duplex. He placed her on his bed and sped back to the basketball court.

The whole school was dispatched already as the ambulance hurried in to pick up the boys.

He stopped time and reaches for every one of them, held their head with his arms and compelled them.

“You all had a fight with yourselves. That’s all”


Sara was awake now; she was still trying to understand her environment when Arthur entered.

“Lie still”

He instructed and went in search of the canvan bracelet.

“What happened to me? I’m a monster?”

She took hold of her hands and let the tears drop.

“You are not?”

He was paying little attention to her.

“I am cursed. I could have killed them Arthur”

She gasped as she held her mouth.

“The whole school knows am a freak. Archer knows, now he is gonna tell everyone. My high school life is over”

She was ranting her plight, Shedding painful tears.

He went to her and sat with her.

“No, no. stay away from me, I could hurt you!”

She requested but he held her and brought her shivering hands to his chest. And then, he slowly brought her head to his chest.

“You are not a monster Sara, and you are not alone”

He said and picked up a glass cup from his bar and an old scotch wine, poured it in and brought it to his grasp, all with his mind.

Sara eyes went wide.

“You are like me?”

He nodded.

“Are there are more like us?”

He nodded still, and extended the wine to her.

“What you have is a gift, thousands would kill for.”

She disagreed.

“How do I get rid of these powers?”

Arthur was a bit disappointed at her request. He had to tell the bitter truth anyway.

“You can’t”

She was about to let out a tear when he added

“But, you can suppress it, till you have better control of it, with this bracelet”

She quickly extended her hand. As he slit the bracelet into her finger, she could get the feeling of being human, a feeling she never had since her childhood at 7.

Arthur knew fully well that suppressing her powers would make her vulnerable, but he wouldn’t want her to hurt anyone, because she would never forgive herself. And inevitably, she would never accept her powers. He promised himself to protect her no matter what.

“Why didn’t you fight back? I was scared you might get hurt. I had to do something”

He brought her hands to his warms pink lips. It sent shivers down her spine, that she forgot her initial question.

“I don’t use my powers on humans. It could kill them”

She was lost already; she shut her eyes expecting him to move further.

“Oh. Ok”

She realized herself and responded like she heard what he said.

She had lots of questions to ask. But the Paramount one kept popping in her mind.

“Have we met before?”

He thought about it before he chose to restore the memory he took.

Slowly he drew her close. She was shivering, burning with desires already as he reached for her lips. He paused halfway to have a second thought. She wasn’t ready for the delay. She reached and touched his lips. It was a jerk to her passion. She grabbed his lips and made the best of it.

Arthur opened his mind and connected with hers, immediately the bracelet broke free from her hands as the passion let loosed her powers.

She remembered to the very spot where he said.

“You will not remember me or any of what you saw this evening. You had a beautiful dream. That’s it”

Arthur attempted to let go now but she held him still and sooth his hair with her hands. Her world was spinning and she didn’t want it to end. Her hormones were deriving pleasure when she made their skin touch. Arthur could no longer withhold his mind, she was in full control, and he let loose as she dived into his past

“Mum! No!”

She saw the pain, as Gaza struck his mum from behind with the same sword she pulled from his chest, and how he watched Gaza drain the life out of her for the 3days. Yet he could do nothing”

She was going too far, he attempted to break free but then she let loosed his shirt to gain full access to his body. He shone like the moon, a raw ecstasy to her passion. His body warm and soft, she couldn’t get enough, she brought his hands to her waist so she could get a feel his whole body. She squeezed against him, and held him to herself, burning with desire to have more.


She saw how his mother dried out with the sun.


Arthur broke free.

They were both panting. Sara eyes glowed red.

Moon Walker 6 πŸŒ–

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Moon Walker



Moon Walker 6 πŸŒ–

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