Moon Walker 5πŸŒ–

Moon Walker

Chapter 5
“You are so pathetic Sara”

Sara scoffed at Tori’s response, something else caught her thoughts.

“Tori, Archer tried to harass you? We should tell mum. He has to be arrested”

Tori shot an inimical look at Sara before she squeezed the words out.

“And tell her what? That I went to a night party? And don’t forget we are talking about your new sidekicks, evil powers. Not mine, which would mum, pay attention too?

Sara should have known Tori would do anything to protect her night parties.

“Ok, ok. Chill ok? Am just looking out for you, we stand together remember? I will do anything when it comes to you. You are my sister. And I love you”

Tori initial restrain softened at Sara’s words.

“When did you get these powers, like when did it start? The only place I know stuffs like these exist is in the movies”

Tori digressed to the issue at hand.

“I was 7 when I started getting these dreams. I was 12 when I could actually see people’s thoughts, their past and intimate future just by touch. I recently got the mind control stuff”

Tori gasped.

“Mind control? Like you can move objects with your mind?”

Her expectations were high, if Sara could actually do that, then all her enemies would get it hot.

“Not really, I can only suggest a thought in a person’s mind. It wares off the moment such person actually does what I request. And I can hear thoughts.”

Sara paused to listen to Tori’s mind before she continued.

“Like I can hear you saying *Jeez, she is a total freak*”

Tori frowned.

“Hey, if we are gonna do this, no sneaking up on me. Like for God sake my thoughts are mine. They are my private stuff. You have to promise not to pry. Sara promise now!”

Sara hushed her, she was becoming too loud.

“Ok, ok. I promise. There is something I wanted to talk to you about. Actually its someone”

Tori gesticulated at the time first.

It was past 12 in the morning.

“Ok let’s hear”

She adjusted herself and crossed her legs and fingers.

“I think he is a seer too, I can’t read him”

Tori eyed went wide.

“Ooohh it’s a *HE* nice one. Nice one. What’s his name?”

Sara paused when she remembered Tori telling her about one Arthur she was crushing on.

“Are you telling me? Remember I value my sleep?”

Tori warned when Sara wasn’t speaking up.

“Emm, its Barry”

She had to lie to be on a safer side.

“Why do I have a feeling that you just lied to me?”

Tori knew Sara well. And for Sara, she knew telling a lie wasn’t the best for a seer. She got that sharp headache as blood dropped from her nose.

Tori rushed to her in fear.

“God, are you OK?”
“Am fine am fine… It happens when I tell a lie”

Tori frowned now with both hands on her waist.

“His name is Arthur”

Tori hands dropped. Her eyes went wide again

“My Arthur, Like my Ar…?”

Sara could not afford to let her finish. She brought her to quickly lie back to bed.

“Mum would come in here, in the next 2minutes.”

She whispered as she covered up with a thick blanket.

“How did you..?”

Tori tried to question in a whisper when she remembered the tales Sara had revealed.

The door opened as Katherine walked in to check on her girls. They were sound asleep. With a satisfied sigh she carefully walked out.

“Is mum up to something?”

Tori whispered when Katherine was out.

“She is planning to sneak out to dinner night”

Sara exposed. She had read her mum thoughts the moment she entered.

“What the…? Mum?”

Tori gasped in shock.

“Like mother like daughter huh? Tori let’s sleep now, we would talk about this tomorrow”


Marcus was shivering while he faced Gaza to deliver Arthur’s message.

“Let him come, it would be my greatest pleasure to tear out his limbs”

That was no grievance to Gaza. He could kill Arthur with ease.

“And the seer…? She should be in my grasp now”

Marcus thought about it for a minute, before he spoke out.

“Arthur has her”

Gaza eyes raged red. The palace could hear his voice shake the foundation when he screamed

“Kill the bastard and bring her too me!! Else it would be your head on a stake”


Sara had promised not to interfere with Tori’s issue with Archer and the tornadoes. But they should know she wouldn’t sit back and let the issue by. Her sister can’t be harassed and then the perpetrators walk free.


She screamed his name the next day at school. She had searched for him and finally found him and his gang in the basketball court.

“My Queen”

She broadened his shoulders and smiled like a king he was.

“Don’t Queen me you son of a bitch!”

His crew booed from behind him. No one, in the entire school dared to face him. Now Sara insulted him in front of his gang. It infuriated him but for a minute there he compelled himself to keep calm

“Easy now my queen, you tell your King what bothers you”

Sara was face to face with him now when she questioned.

“You harassed my sister? No one gave you the right to touch her. Or forcefully kiss her. And then you hit her because she pushed you away? How dare you?”

Archer laughed now till tears fell from his eyes. Sara found it so disgusting that she felt like pulling his tooth out.

“She deserves it.. No one refuses Archer”

He raised his shoulders once more and threw winks to his gang who cheered in response.

His response infuriated the last resort of peace she had. She slapped his dark spec of his face.

It was like the moment stopped. Archer burned. He knew quite well that his refusal to retaliate would spike the rumour round the school, telling of how weak he is.

“How dare you!”

He raged and swung his fist at her. Sara shut her eyes to take the impact. Seconds later she opened her eyes when she noticed his fist had not made an impact.

Arthur was before her, she could hear Archer groaning in pain. She came forward to see Arthur holding his arm.

“It’s not a nice way to treat a lady”

Arthur said and tapped Archer’s fat cheek with a smile.

“What the…?! Beat this brat!”

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Moon Walker 5πŸŒ–

Moon Walker



Moon Walker 5πŸŒ–

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