Moon Walker 4πŸŒ–

Moon Walker 4πŸŒ–

Moon Walker

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Chapter 4
Arthur’s presence was a drug to her system. She had this unusual feeling, that she had seen him some where, she had this feeling of attraction.

Perhaps, they were a couple in her past life.

The rest part of the lesson for that day was divided. All attention was on Arthur. Although, he didn’t breathe a word. Mortals were pest to him. He even had to have a good shave to make him look young, how pathetic, he valued his beards, But he just had to take all the nonsense to protect Sara.


She made a bold move. He simply smiled at her and faced the board.

At first she was satisfied, but later on, she desired more.

“I’m Sara”

He didn’t respond.

“What’s your name?”

She asked deliberately, so she could read his mind the moment he thinks of it.

But then, she couldn’t penetrate, he locked her out. She persisted as she shut her eyes tight. Still he remained impenetrable.

She tried another means when she touched his arm. It was cold. So cold.

She tried pushing her way into his past and future. He locked her out still. She pushed on till a tip of blood dropped on her jacket. Another dropped, and another. She reached for her nose to discover she was bleeding already.

“Are you OK?”

Arthur smiled at her. She should know that her mind games wouldn’t work on him. She would only hurt herself.

She didn’t return the kind gesture. Instead she asked

“Who are you?”

He didn’t want the whole class to notice as he wiped the blood off her nose. So he stopped time for some seconds and wiped her nose clean.

“Am Arthur”

He said when he was done.

She touched her nose with haste.

“How did you do that?”
“Do what?”

She frowned

“You know what am talking about”

He was going to reply but the school Bell rang for closing period.

Just 10minutes ago it was just past 11am.

Arthur sighed. He had messed with time again when he wiped Sara’s nose clean.

He headed straight out.

All the girls ran after him, including Sara.

Sadly, he was gone.



Jessie startled Sara.

“You’ve seen Arthur? He’s cute, girl!”

Jessie thrilled in excitement and tagged along as they walked home.

“Yea.. I suppose he is”

The frown on Sara’s face could tell something wasn’t right.

“What is it Sara?”

Sara stopped and thought for a while.

“I might sound crazy but I’ve seen him somewhere before. Like I just have this feeling. This strong feeling about him.. The frustrating thing is.. Anytime I try to remember. I can’t”

Jessie gave her that look.  She was careful to lower her tone before she asked.

“You dreamt about him? Or better still read his mind. It’s that easy”

Sara scoffed at it and bring Jessie to continue walking.

“Trust me, I tried but he locked me out. He is not ordinary. Am guessing he is like me. A seer. Only a seer has the ability to lock me out”


Arthur was metres away from the school when a group of bullies had him surrounded.

He sighed. he had lived 490years on earth. Scavenging the earth. Escaping from his father’s wrath. His father had decided to carry out the job himself when he struck him with the sword spelled by the elite wizards. The only sword that can kill a moon elite.

For a normal elite, it kills them instantly. But Arthur’s powers elongated the poisoned sword for 3days.

Only a seer had the power to pull it out.

In all his travels and exploitations, high school was what he hated the most. Bullies always came around him. He wouldn’t blame them. He was handsome and had every girl attention.

“New boy. Go on your knees”

Archer, the boss of the gang instructed.

He simply obeyed. Archer was fat, really fat. He had the money to throw around so it wasn’t hard to have a gang of his own.

“Who do you think you are? Huh? Super candy?”

Arthur was quiet.

“Answer me you piece of shit!”

He hit Arthur with his leg till he was certain Arthur was down.

Archer had always wanted Sara as his high school Queen. He wouldn’t sit and watch Arthur steal her.

“Listen, I rule the school. And I own every girl. You don’t wanna play with me asshole. I don’t wanna see you close to any girl, else I break your bones”

Arthur sighed. He was pretty sure that one fist on this Fat boy would end his sorry life. So he simply allowed them do what they wanted.

“Beat him up”

Archer instructed.


Arthur lamented as they charged at him with sticks. They hit till they were tired. Till they were sure he bled out.

When he was sure they were long gone, he picked himself up.

“ Joe”

He could tell with just a look that the young boy standing in front of him, had been a victim of the supposed bullies.

He took Joe’s hand


Joe tagged along and helped dust off the dirt on his jacket.

“They are the tornadoes. They create fear on everyone. You are new so that’s the intro. Be prepared to sacrifice your dollar too”

Arthur smiled at him.

“Are you scared of them?”

He questioned.

Joe chuckled nervously. Of course he was.

“Everyone is Arthur, you should too. It’s an advice”

Arthur was pretty sure Joe wouldn’t buy his reassurance.

“Don’t be, I will protect you”

Joe stopped to take another look at Arthur.

“You? Yea I totally get it”

The tone of his underestimation was perceived just as expected.


Sara was busy with her laptop. She searched on the abilities of a seer.

She couldn’t help but notice hers was a little different. No seer could mind control. But she could do that. She shrugged it off. Maybe it was just a bonus she had.

Arthur brushed her mind again.

“Tori, I have powers”

It was time Tori knew about it. She wanted to tell her about Arthur. And to do that, Tori must know of hers too.

“What’s that? You getting sick again. Go back to sleep”

Tori treasures her sleep whenever it was a party free night. She couldn’t understand why Sara would wake her up to say such rubbish.

“Tori it’s serious. Ok just think of something”

Tori groaned.

“Ohhhh Sara!”

Tori gave in, and yes Sara could hear it loud and clear.

“You just called me an asshole”

Tori wasn’t convinced.

“Nice try, that was a wild guess”

She attempted to resume her precious sleep when sara touched her hand.

“Tori at about 2am at Brenda’s party yesterday, you were harassed. By Archer”

Tori withdrew her hands from Sara with haste.

“And he tried to force himself on you”

Sara continued.

“Jeez girl easy easy ok.. I believe you”

The sleep was clear from Tori’s eyes as she beckoned in a whisper.

She sat up staring at Sara, thinking of the best word to say.

“Ok this is the part where I freak out right?”.

She suggested.

Sara shrugged

” I think so”

Moon Walker 4πŸŒ–

Moon Walker



Moon Walker 4πŸŒ–

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