Moon Walker 3πŸŒ–
Moon Walker

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
It was reality now. Jade had an accident. Sara could sense the moment he had brake failure. Good thing is, he could still breathe. There was still hope.

“Mum is off to the hospital”

Tori announced while she applied her makeup.

“And there Tori sits with her mirror”

Sara scorned.

“So? it’s not like they would have hit jamz in an hospital Ward”

Tori turned to meet Sara’s hard gaze.

“What? He’ll live girl. I can’t miss the chance of seeing Arthur at the party”

Sara frowned now. The name sounds familiar

“Yes. Arthur. Trust me, he is so cute”

Tori replied with a giggle. She tried to elongate her fantasy, but then she noticed the frown on Sara’s face.

“Sara, he is off limit. Don’t you dare”

She had to make her point pivotal. Sara’s beauty was a threat to all her pending crush.

“That’s not it. It rings a bell, that’s all. You know what? forget it. Go on. Run off to your party. I’ll join mum”


Arthur had taken his time to get prepared for his revenge. Meddling in his father’s plan to get rid of the seer, wasn’t his initial plan.

He was a cast out. A moon Walker. Although he Brain washed Sara, it wasn’t his fault she couldn’t remember her past life.

He could perceive a goblin from where he meditated, settled on a tree.

“You lost your way?”

He called out, with his eyes still close.

“Aye sir, something caught my attention tho.. And I know you’ve got it. Moon Wal..ker”

Arthur smiled. He could sense the goblin’s fear. But then, goblins are evil and trickery creatures who would do anything for gold. And viola! He had more than enough to spare.

With the speed of lightning he sped and stood face to face with the goblin, picked him up and hanged him up with his mind.

“And you wanna fight your way to my gold?”

He questioned, letting loose the bag that held all the gold the goblin had.

“No no.. I dare not. But I have an information that might be of use. For a price of course”

Arthur scoffed and tightened his grip to make the goblin choke.

“It concerns the seer”

It spoke thru his clenched teeth.

Arthur released his grip, the goblin had his attention now.

“What about her?”

The goblin chuckled and gesticulated for his price first.


Arthur glared blue eyes frightened it.

“Ok ok. Gaza wants her dead, he wants her powers”

Arthur scoffed.

“Yes, I know that”
“But do you know why?”

Arthur let him down now.

“Should I? Am going to kill him anyway”

He strapped his sword to his back.

“You can’t kill him Moon Walker. Only the seer can. It is written in the prophecy”.

“Yea I know all that prophecy nonsense. What can she do? She is nothing, all she does is see the turmoil of mortals. She is a mere mortal. I’ll kill Gaza myself”

The goblin laughed till Arthur stopped him when he made him choke.

“Ok. ok let me go”

He beckoned, cleared his throat and continued.

“Sara is the most powerful moon priestess to walk the planet Arthur. Her powers surpasses both Gaza and yourself. It surpasses all the Moon elites”

Arthur couldn’t make sense from what he heard.

“Sara? That girl is fragile.”
“Yes, yes. For now Moon Walker, but soon enough her powers would begin to emanate and when she evolves, she would be unstoppable. And so killing her and harnessing her powers is what saves Gaza. If you want revenge. Protect her till she evolves. Don’t let Gaza succeeds. We both know we are all doomed if he does”

Arthur cursed from his clenched teeth and sent a tree down with his fist.

His rage could tell he had wanted to be the one to slit his father’s throat.

“Easy easy Arthur”

The Goblin warned as he gathered his split gold back to his bag.

“When would she evolve?”
“The next Eclipse of the sun. The priestess would rise. If she dies during her evolvement, it’s over Arthur. The whole world of the Moon elites crumbles. Protect her at all cost”

Arthur threw a bag of gold at the goblin. With widened eyes it scrambled off into the shadows in search of more gold.

“Dammit Gaza. It should be me. You have to die by my hands. So my mother’s soul can rest. You murderer!”

He cursed and caused the wind to spring forth fireflies. It so happens whenever he raged.


School had resumed, and Sara was prepared to give her best and keep the title of the best student in high school. 

Although, only Jessie, with whom she shared her secret, knew she could confidently read the minds of the teachers and equally share their knowledge of whatever question they set.

Piece of cake, she never opens her book to read.

“Good morning”

Her class tutor walked in with his marker, A young boy whose blue eyes she would have sworn she saw in her dreams, followed from behind.

The girls went crazy. His appearance was a drug that intoxicated their hormones.

“Ok class, this is Arthur. He a transfer student from beacons high school. Be nice”

Immediately Sara mind controlled the teacher and suggested in her mind to have Arthur take his seat next to her. Oh yes, she could do that too.

“Davies, move out. Arthur, take your seat next to Sara”.
Moon Walker 3πŸŒ–

Moon Walker

Β©onyeneke Abel .October 2017 all rights reserved


Moon Walker 3πŸŒ–

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