Moon Walker 1&2πŸŒ–

Moon Walker 1&2πŸŒ–


Β©onyeneke Abel .October 2017 all rights reserved

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The moon is said to be a planet of its own. Often seen as a science part of the continent. Makes one wonder, if there could be species in human form. If there be survivors, or maybe a whole world of technology. Perhaps it could be a desert of snow.

Whatever it is, it remains my imaginations. 

My own world is rather complicated than people presume. I am cursed.

Cursed with the grief of others. Cursed to carry their endless doom.

Last night I had another dream. My cousin would have an accident. But then, I can’t tell a soul. Else I’ll be spotted as a witch and burnt to appease the ancestors, says the religion.

So my life is not just a pain, it’s a secret I have kept for a long time. 

I am a seer.”

“Hey Sara”

Tori butt in to steal a glimpse of Sara’s Diary.

Not as smart as Sara though.

“No way Tori, it’s personal”

Tori frowned with folded arms. 

“Ok ok. Mum said Jade is coming over. So you bake the cookies. Am off to Brenda’s party”

Sara could remember the clear picture. Jade, her cousin won’t make it to the house.

“Jade shouldn’t come”

Sara suggested.

“Trust me, mum wouldn’t oblige. Jade has her treasure remember? Am off”.

Sara prayed one more time and picked her jacket. It was winter. And Canada was best known for the wind.

She lit the warmer and dried her feet against it.

It was vacation period. And Tori would spend hers in night parties she sneak off too.

Well she would love to tag along, but her curse wouldn’t let her. She wasn’t stabel yet and she sees the past and future of anyone she touches.

That wind came again. It called out to her.

She dropped her coat and stole thru the back door. 

She could hear the voices, whispering.

The breeze she felt was more humane than any natural motion, no… She could feel it, this was the supernatural. The exact dream she had, it was coming to reality.

 The same pathway.


Katherine called. She had noticed her daughter trying to sneak off thru the back door

“Where are you going?”

Sara stammered. No perfect lie had surfaced yet

“To the.. To get. Just a free stroll. Mum”

Katherine’s eyes on her legs made her realize she wasn’t on her boots

“A stroll, barefooted. I totally get it”

Sara saw that look.

“Am not crazy mum”

Katherine wasn’t convinced

“Honey, we’ve gone over this countless times. Don’t you think it’s best… We consider the Rehab?”

Sara had to push her way thru to her room. She can’t blame her mum for suggesting the Rehab. She had been acting strange. But the connection was strong. Someone was calling out her. Someone hurt and in pains. She dreamt about it. It was clear, someone needed her powers.

Though she tried to suppress the urge. It was strong, too strong. She stole out at night, thru Tori’s perfect sneak out window.

Into the woods. The whispers was slowly crafting to a perfect voice. Slow, soft but hasty.

“Help me”

It was full of pain. She could sense it. She stopped when she saw him.

A sword embedded in his chest. Yet no blood to touch.
Moon Walker

Β©onyeneke Abel .October 2017 all rights reserved

Moon WalkerπŸŒ–

Sara was trembling with fear. A part of her wished she was close to him. Another wanted her to run.

“Help me”

His head was bowed. The length of his brown hair covered his face. She couldn’t diversify his appearance. He knelt with his hands on the sword. Scales began to appear on his arms. Grey veins stretched towards his neck.

“Sara, pull. pull it out”

She shivered. How he knew her name became a mystery. But it so appeared that he was dying.

She mustered courage and took her steps towards him. Her barefoot was getting sored and cold, her lips dry as she approached him. It seemed she was aging fast. Her hair aged, and pulled off with the wind. But she couldn’t stop herself, her feet was icing up. Eyes getting deem, and when she touched him, it brought her to her knees. His breathe was hasty. His skin so cold. She began to freeze up right from her feet.

“Pull it out Sara. Pull it out. Now!”

She was taking too much time. With the last strength she had she pulled the sword as blue fireflies blew out from his chest, and sent her backwards with force.

She regained herself, touched her face to discover her youth had been restored.


He startled her. She jumped to her feet to face him.

He was broad and tall. The scales on his hands had disappeared. His brown hair covered part of his eyes. His skin shone like the moon, so alluring. she couldn’t stop herself from moving towards him. The connection was like a whisper to her heart.

she tried to reach him but she got stuck. And then moved to another direction with the speed of lightening. He hunged her up in the air, with his mind. And then he turned to the enemy at hand.


He muttered

“Show yourself”

She struggled to set herself free. Her heart raced and throbbed against chest

“Put me down!”

Slowly she heard whispers. Arising from the shadows. With a common phrase

“It’s the Moon Walker, he lives”.

Her eyes went wide. Monstrous creatures she couldn’t describe  rose from the woods to surround him.

Till a man, with the same skin stood face to face with him.

She was guessing that would be Marcus.

“Arthur, you survived.”

He laughed and shot a gaze at Sara still stuck in the air.

“And saved us from the brought us the seer”

Arthur eyes went dark blue. His sword remained stuck to his back.

“Bring me the seer, master would be so pleased to have her alive. So he could tear her limbs out himself”

Marcus instructed

“Anyone who touches her. Dies first”

Arthur promised. But still, they had to dare him. 

Sara watched as the first to dare was squeezed up and tore to pieces. Yet, Arthur remained where he stood.

Marcus turned to him.

“Kill him. Now!!”

They swung to action and charged at him.

But then, they were rather too slow. Time stopped for seconds. Sara couldn’t tell what happened next. His speed was beyond their reach. His claws picked them before they made a move. And simultaneously they fell all pierced dead.

Marcus was in rage now, his eyes went dark blue as he drew out his sword.

Arthur sped at him but he was quick to knock Arthur down and forced him metres backwards with his feet.

Arthur stood back on his feet and released his sword.

It shone bright blue. And blinded Sara for a second. It took her another 2minutes to get her vision back. She could see clearly now. But Marcus was on the ground. Bleeding. 

Arthur picked him by his neck and brought him off the ground

“Arthur. Arthur. Spare me please. We are friends Arthur, remember? Your father forced me. We are brothers Arthur!”

Arthur tightened his grip till Marcus couldn’t talk, but choke.

“Deliver my message to my Father. I am coming back”

He let Marcus go.

And before Sara could try and understand what was going on. He whisked her off, and stopped a mile from where the table lamp in her room became visible.

“Who are…”

Before she dropped the word he placed his lips on hers. And sent her hormones in a world of pleasure. She didn’t want him to stop. It was her first kiss. She had never fathomed in her entire life that it would be this pleasant.

He let go and cupped her cheek in his hands. His eyes locked in hers.

“You would not remember me, or any of what you saw this evening. You had a beautiful dream. That’s it”

She had wanted to stop him as he said this. But as soon as he dropped the words. She passed out.

And woke up the next morning safely tucked in her bed.


Tori woke her up the next morning.

“Next time you wanna sneak out. Keep your shoes on. Where did you go last night?”

Sara tried to understand, but nothing was coming up.

“Nowhere. I was asleep”

Tori scoffed at her response. She hated it when Sara tries to feign the holy mother Mary.

“Then why are you legs full of mud?”

Moon Walker 1&2πŸŒ–

Β©onyeneke Abel .October 2017 all rights reserved.

Moon Walker



Moon Walker 1&2πŸŒ–

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