Life Of A Writer📝 Page 5

Life Of A Writer📝 Page 5

The begginers kit continues


Good use of words and including the use of new words and vocabulary helps to promote a writer’s prowess in the field. But take note, don’t bore your readers with lots of grammar, they would lose interest. The main aim of a writer is to pass a message to the readers. One thing you should have in mind is that not everyone has the time to consult the dictionary when reading thru your write up. When writing for a particular field. Take for example, you are to write to a lawyer or on a case pertaining to law. Then by all means, good diction and grammar is permissable. But if it’s the general public, please ensure you try to keep your write up simple and understandable.


What is your objective, your aim. Please don’t write and write and write till you write out of point. If you are writing on the suicidal rate in Nigeria. Please don’t stray to prostitution. Or you are writing on rape and sexual harassment, don’t stray to politics. Before you start up, you must have an objective. By all means, stick to it. And actually achieve it.


 This is the life wire of every writer. If you don’t know how to create suspense, then I am sorry but no matter how good you are in writing skills and vocabulary, you would have little or no audience to read your write up. Sorry, but they are busy reading something elsewhere that keeps them wondering on what happens next. Every writer, especially an Author and Novelist. Needs if not intense, at least a bit of suspense. This is like the salt in your prepared food. It’s what keeps your readers hooked and eager to read on. If you are writing for the General public, please and please ensure you hit your write up with suspense. Let the readers keep wondering what happens next.

We offer a service where we would teach you on how to create and also keep suspense in your write up. If you are interested, well contact us and join the team.

Hit the nail

This goes in two ways. If you are writing for an hard copy publication. Well you can go into details the way you want it, readers can easily screw past pages they find boring. But if you are writing to publish on the internet. Please try as much as possible to hit the nail. One thing you must understand that your readers online has got lots of things they which to do with their megabytes(mb). They wish to chat, watch online videos and all that. So once they come across your write up, and the first two to three lines, or virtually a whole paragraph has not really connoted a meaning or given a point on what your story is all about, they screw past it, or some would screw down to see the length and end up abandoning it. Others would just screw thru to see if anything catches their attention, If not, well they are on their way.

So always ensure you hit the nail, make the words Catchy and don’t wait till the third paragraph before you begin to hit on your points. The first paragraph should hit the nail already.
Your character flaws and weakness

In a movie, You hate it when your favourite Actor flaws or the main Actor’s weaknesses are too enormous. To me, I even go ahead to break the CD plate!. It doesn’t mean the main character of your story should be without flaws or weaknesses, you are not writing about robots…its human beings and so they should have weaknesses and flaws. But understand that you are writing to please your readers and to get them hooked in your storyline. So it’s important your main character has good flaws and weaknesses. To know how to create good flaws for your character, contact us to join our training team.

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Life of a writer



Life Of A Writer📝 Page 5

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