Horn the shofar,

The cry of a female child has been heard,

Just like all the harbinger had said. 

1960,October 1st, 

Slavery was tossed, masters were lost, freedom was won, a darling was born. 

At first she was impeccable, just like other babes she was adorable, 

Gradually into a lady she grew, 

Her curves they called natural resources,

Men came from left and right, 

In thousands they trooped just to extort these(resources).

Tagged themselves as suitors and some as tutors. 

Tittle did she know hearts were overlaid with greed and the cabal planed her doom. 

Vulnerable she was,

And empathic of course. 

They took vantage of her, 

Pulled her to a corner and raped her,it was a gang rape. 

Now she hides her face believing her dignity has been stolen and caged. 

Now She’s twoscore days pregnant,

Now in her womb lies a tenant. 

Corruption an uninvited guest,

Insurgency it’s twin; a farm pest. 


How does she abort this pest? 

Should she birth it and cast it into a well? 

Oh creator turn this bulge into goodwill. 

Make me a woman again,a tree fruit filled.

Make me stand tall among my mates and that glory I once had be brought back to place.

Great will Nigeria be. 

*James Anita*



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