Life Of A Writer📝page 4

Life Of A Writer📝page 4

​Life Of A Writer

Today we would be taking a quick look at what I call the beginners kit. Just like a medical and first aid kit, A Writer has his kit to guide and help when constructing his writeup.

These kits will help one avoid common mistakes and overcome frequent challenges that new writers often face.

Breifly, I would be running thru just five today. Next week we would continue this topic.

The Beginner Writer’s Kit

Proper Punctuation

It’s often hard to understand what’s a story is trying to say if the punctuation is off. You must be able to punctuate your write up properly to give it a better Taste. And most importantly, to make it understandable

 Paragraph Breaks

Huge textwalls put people off of a story, and improper paragraphs can make it harder to parse what’s going on. The readers get bored when they are not getting your message because of improper paragraph. Every new point, in a write up, should be neatly paragraphed. By all means avoid a full text wall. It bores your readers.

Commonly Misspelled Words & Mangled Phrases

Some oft-misspelled or misused words and phrases. Most of us, even the experienced writers are guilty of this. Why because we don’t take that time to run a proper Edit of our work. Sometimes not because we don’t have it in mind, but because of some circumstances and excuse that might seem right but still appears wrong. For beginners, please I would strictly advice you to use words you are familiar with. And if you must use a word, please know it’s meaning. Check your dictionary for the proper spelling. Avoid incomplete phrases. Help your reader understand with a complete sentence. And before you publish your write up. Make sure it is well edited.

“Is This A Good Idea For My Story/Setting/Character?” 

A question you must take time to answer. Imagine you are writing on health. And them you find yourself straying to write on weapons that can cause harm to the body. Read that again? Weapons? How about germs? Why not leave weapons to the Army, police and every other force safeguarding the nation. Well of course everyone knows a gun and every other dangerous weapon can kill. If it’s health then we would want to read on harmful foods, possibly fruits and herbs that can cure and prevent sicknesses. So before you write or add a point to your write up. Run a check up. Does this suit my story?

You are writing on a civilized and technological setting. And then you stray to traditional rulers and fettish charms. That’s out of point writer.

Or you picked a character that portrays the life of An engineer. And you later stray your character to a doctor. Or you choose to narrate the ordeal of your character. Later you begin to personalize the character. If you must choose your character, your story and setting. By all means write on a topic you know. So they all fit in together.

Setting Rules & Limitations In Your World:

Every science fiction and fantasy setting needs rules and limitations – otherwise, the story will become incoherent and uninteresting.

Next week we could go deep into this.

And have it in mind that the beginners kit still continues. We have alot of them to help you in this Journey.

Life of A Writer



Life Of A Writer📝page 4

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