Life of A Writerđź“ťpage 3

Life of A Writerđź“ťpage 3

Now that you’ve thought about it, and you’ve ascertained that writing is a profession you fit in. Let’s take you to the next stage. If there is one thing that is common among we writers, its the fact that we love writing. It’s our dream and passion. And there are times when we feel so tired and depressed, probably after the days work and all that, but still, we have an higher calling, a calling we must adhere too.

Now doesn’t it beats you? Don’t you wonder at some point? What are these people busy writing?. How do they sit and create this Novel, this article or poem.

Did they just take a pen and begin to right randomly?

Luckily for you, I have got the answers right here. We don’t just go on and write. Well, at least in our leisure time we can play with words and all that. But when it comes to writing something important. There are things we consider before starting off our write up. You wanna know? Read on.

Things to Consider at the Start of the Writing Process

1. What is your intention?
Are you writing to entertain? To inform? To advocate for justice?

2. Who is their audience?
Classmates? Community members? Global readers? Know your Audience. Imagine you are to write an article to a group of Doctors. And then you are writing about war and violence. Hello? Why not direct that to an Army? If you are writing for a global Audience. Why not choose a topic that touches eventually, all areas of life.

3. Which modes and tools will help you reach your audience most efficiently?

Do you publish a letter to the editor of the local paper? 

A blog post? 

A short story, within an online forum like Nairaland, coolval and the rest of them. Which would best reach your Audience?
4. Who has already published something powerful in this arena? Their work could serve as mentor text. No man is an island of his own. Look for writers. Good writers. Whose work is similar to yours. Get in touch with them. Please don’t act like you know it all already. By all means learn from them. Even if you have to pay for it.

5. How can I position myself as a facilitator rather than a leader of the learning?

What I am about to write. Is it widely available on the internet? If it is. Then you would be hardly noticed. Because you’ve not written something different. If you must been seen as a facilitator of an idea. A write up. Then it must be something different. If it must be a popular topic. Let the content differentiate it.
So hey there. If you are thinking of starting up a write up. A novel, fiction or other literary piece. Put these into consideration first. And weigh if you are on the right path.
Life of A writerđź“ť



Life of A Writerđź“ťpage 3

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