What will you do?😯

What will you do?😯

It’s Saturday morning again!!πŸ˜ƒ
Yeah, yeah. If you are still on bed, I won’t blame you, Saturday is the only day most of us get to rest against next week’s travail. Although some other persons do not have this privilege.
It’s another day for “your opinion counts☝”
Today I’ve got something that would keep you wondering. The question afterwards would be exciting. Trust me on this one. Ok people get your thoughts on hold, let’s here the story.

What will you do?

Mrs Kara has an issue at hand. She was trying to drive out of a narrow street. But then, Joan, a young pretty lady was trying to drive into the same street. And then they get stuck.
“Please can you go back a little so I can drive out?”
Mrs Kara requested politely.
But Joan wasn’t reading meaning to it.
“For what? Why not go back while I drive in, then you can come out?”.
Ouch! Mrs Kara wasn’t ready to oblige. It seemed so ridiculous.
Both of them had to claim their right. It was getting out of hand, so mrs kara had to call her husband.
” honey, please where are you? I’m stuck here because some girl has refused to let me thru”.
Husband replied
“Oh honey, I’m in a important business meeting now. I can’t make there am so sorry”.
Joan couldn’t believe this woman.
” oh, so you are calling you husband. Lemme call my fiance”
Her fiance picks the call.
And without hesitation he replied.
“What? I’m coming there now”.
With proud shoulders Joan waited and viola! Her fiance appeared to save the day. Now here is the bombshell! Mrs Kara’s husband, was Joan supposed Fiance!.
She questioned in shock.


If you were in Mrs Kara shoes, what will you do?

What will you do?😯

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What will you do?😯
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What will you do?😯

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