Life Of A Writer📝

Life Of A Writer📝

Someone is wondering. Is this another Novel? Someone else is curious. What does this entail? Allow me to butt in.
Life of a writer with Onyeneke Abel is a forum for all writers. And those who aspire to be one.
This forum airs every Thursday.
Here, we would be taking a deep look at the life of a writer. And taking time to train up upcoming writers.
Yeah, yeah. I know training writers is part of the service we render. And yes, we got people paying for such service.
The difference there is, for our service, we take the time to teach you step by step as a private Tutor. You are given the opportunity to ask questions, Assignments are given to test your skills. More writing skills and dictions are exposed to you. And then we interact and share ideas. If you are interested in having such. Just contact us thru WhatsApp: 08160830305
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Ok enough of that. Let’s get to business. To start with. Who is a writer?

A writer is a person who uses written words in various styles and techniques to communicate their ideas.
Mind you, there is slight difference between a writer and an Author.
A writer engage in writing books, articles, novels and all literary piece.
An Author is someone who puts down his ideas. An
Author is essentially the person who originates the idea, plot, or content of the work being written. At times, the author and writer can be the same person. In case of an autobiography, a person writes about his own life. So the author is expressing his own thoughts and ideas. But in cases like biographies, the writer is not the author. The ideas of thoughts of another are being written. Though the difference may not seem to be much, depending on the situation, the difference can be more. If you are writing a novel or short story based on a plot developed by self, you get to be known as the author of the novel. And if you are penning down someone else’s ideas or stories, you will be known as the writer of the work. Being a writer is at times easier than being an author. The reason being that an author has to create, develop, and communicate an idea, while a writer has to only communicate somebody else’s idea. An author may be excused if the writing skills are not that competent. But a writer must have exceptional writing skills to be dominant in the field.
So before you chose to own up the title of a writer, sit to really discover which you fall into. Are you a writer? an Author? Or both?.

A writer is not someone who writes. In her head, it’s words all day. In her mind she constructs, rebuild, create.
She reads a thousand meaning to the phrase “Friends apart”
She sees the world as a place made up of words.
She has the ability to make you taste her words, feel it and create a whole world of imagination in your mind.
That at times it seems you are watching a movie.
A writer believes in the truth, but also understands the importance of a lie. Someone who writes would think of a lie. For instance, my ongoing novel “Just A Taste” would someone tell me now that I am Nadia, since I personalized the story like I was the one in the picture. And all the Brenda, Daniel and the rest of them. And yes, Kayode’s kitchen. It’s all an imaginary lie. You get my point right?
A writer believes in the lie’s biology because we know it’s alive.
A writer can write of herself. She can place herself as a Twelve- year old or as a extravagant opportunist and make you believe.
Someone who writes understands writing in terms of something she does, not in terms of something she is. She will be at once inspired and made to feel inferior by other writers’ words. But she’ll never let that stop her. She’ll continue to see the poetry in a broken watch, or a dog with one blue eye and one brown hair. She will give you her heart on a Saturday night for the story she gets to tell on a Sunday afternoon. She will give you her soul always. And she will give it to you in writing.

Life Of A writer

Listen, we writers don’t always find this Gift funny.
At times we are inspired
Life Of A Writer📝
Some other times we are pensive and thoughtful.
Life Of A Writer📝
We can be naughty and funny with words too.
Life Of A Writer📝

Trust me, at times we don’t even feel like handling a pen. But all the same, we struggle to give our Audience the best.Some other times, we are weighed down. And then we struggle to get just one word right. We can spend a night trying to figure something right. It can be really frustrating at times.
Life Of A Writer📝
Life of a writer

Next week, we would consider signs to know you are a writer at heart.
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Life Of A Writer📝

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