Just A Taste 19πŸ˜‹

Just A Taste 19πŸ˜‹

​Just A Taste

Episode 19

NADIA: would I call this guy my saviour or my terminator. What is he doing here? Of all the places he could be, he chose here, at this time.

I began to have conflicted thoughts. Do I run to him for help? Or just stay hidden?

“God I’m finished. What do I cook?”

He lamented

oops, it actually looked like he was in trouble too.  I was trying to muster courage to announce my presence when the sole owner of kayode’s kitchen walked in.

My heart throbbed against my chest. I was seeing Mrs olutayo Titilayo in flesh and blood!!

My eyes went wide. What has Daniel gotten himself into. Or wait, how did Daniel become this close to this woman.?

“My boy, what will you prepare for me”

Jeez, they are really close. For her to even call him ‘my boy’. Thank God the kitchen was spacious. They would hardly notice me.

“Mum, you go and allow me prepare it. If you seat like this watching me. I might get confused you know”

His reply gained weight in my ears. Mum what? Daniel is the only son of Kayode’s kitchen.. The only son. Oh I should have know. His name is Daniel olutayo. But still, there are lots of people with that name. Jeez, I began to regret my hard attitude towards him. I didn’t even know if I could face him again.

“Ok, ok. Whatever you say. But I’ll be back in 30minutes. I have a meeting to attend so hasten up.”

She finally left..

I could see he needed help. Well, as a compensation and equally a way to help myself, I came out of my hiding place and questioned

“You need help? I can help you out”

He was startled to the point he threw the frying pan he held.

DANIEL: My whole dream world was about to crumble. Me? Cook?. I had never paid attention to any of what Brenda taught. My Job was to throw winks at both Brenda and Nadia. That’s it. I never imagined I would face this nightmare. Apart from the fact that I didn’t want to leave Nadia just yet, if I failed in this. My competency  to shoulder the throne would be questioned.

And so, in my deepest doom, permit me to use these same words. Should  I say a saviour or a terminator?

If my mother sees her. Am done for. Like finished. But hey! She can cook!

“What the?! Nadia?”

She smiled with her hands crossed at her back. There was no time to ask too much questions.

“We would talk about this later. Get over here quickly”

She hurried and got the pans ready.

“Is there any vegetable I can…”

I didn’t let her drop the word, I opened a cupboard stocked with all kinds of vegetables.

“What are you preparing?”

She looked back at me

“Honestly, I don’t know. Just trust me”

The way my eyes went wide explained that I  wasn’t ready to put this on the line.

“Nadia, can you please cook something you at least know the name?”

NADIA: his  question almost made me laugh, but I had to swallow it up. This was a serious issue, laughing is not really the best here.

“Daniel, just trust me”

For a moment there, calling him Daniel felt awkward. Especially now that I know his status.

I chopped carrots, cabbage, green pea, green pepper, sweet corn, with egg.

Added one cube of maggi and a pinch of salt.

“There are toasted chicken in the fridge”

He announced.

Ah, good news. I picked 5laps, place them in the oven for 3minutes to defrost and warm up.

I picked 3laps and shredded them Into the vegetables. Added oil to the palm and steamed up  together.

While streaming I added thyme and a pinch of Benny stock.

The aroma was making him salivate. I could see that.

It was ready.

I had seen  loaves of bread in the large fridge. I hurried and took a loaf. Heated it up in the oven.

I slit it open and shared the sauce I made Into two parts. I poured the first part into the bread.

There was no time to use a toaster. I poured oil into the frying pan and put the bread in it, using my big spoon to compress it.

When it was ready, I got juice from the fridge. Served the chicken salad sauce in a plate, served the toasted bread by the side.

“Taste it”

Like he had been waiting for the word. He hurried and tasted the chicken salad.


“God, i’ll Marry you”

I didn’t know when the words escaped my mouth. I can’t let this kind of woman pass me by. Never.

I could hear my mom’s footsteps. Thank God she was on heels.

“Quickly, hide”

The moment my mum entered the kitchen, she brimmed with smiles as she sniffed.

“Wow, am salivating Daniel. The Aroma is something else. What’s the name of the dish you prepared?”

I began to stammer, Nadia didn’t even have a name for it.

“I just made it mum? It just came to me”

“You mean you made your own dish? It takes a great cook to create his own dish”

She hugged me tight again, before she sat to eat. The woman self, she cleaned the plate without giving me access to even sip the juice.

“Mum come on”

I lamented. This is punishment. She was taking the last bit of bread.

However, despite all my strategic plea, she wiped the plate clean.

She sighed in satisfaction and attempted to stand but staggered a little.

“Daniel, I think I will need to sleep over this food, tell the cashier to refill your debit cards to a million each”

“NADIA: You can imagine this Daniel taking my glory. No wahala sha

The way she offered the 1million like Tom – Tom sweet, was something else. And not just one, she was using the word ‘each’

As soon as she stepped out I stood up.

” how do I get out of here?”

I questioned.

“Please give me your phone”

I didn’t let him reply

I needed to call Joyce. I am sure Wilson had taken my phone.

“Damn you Wilson”

He had been thanking me, and asking how I got there. But as soon as he heard Wilson he asked.

“Wait which Wilson? He brought you here?”

I was screwing thru his phone to check for Joyce’s contact. He had assured me he had the contact. How he got it still remained a mystery.

“It felt embarrassing talking about Wilson. He his part of my past.

” Its nothing “

“No no, describe this Wilson. He his tall? Broad? Carries skin cut”

The more I nodded, the more his tone increased. Until I was forced to ask.

“Why this questions?!”

“Because, Wilson is my uncle”

Just A Taste 19πŸ˜‹

Just A Taste



Just A Taste 19πŸ˜‹

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