Things you should consider before tying the knot

Things you should consider before tying the knot

A good number of folks who are in a relationship, all desire almost the same attributes from who they plan to get married too. When you ask them what their plans is for marriage, and what they want from their spouse. You get lots of tips I call “peppermint.”

The girls do come up with those candy conditions.

-He should be caring

-smart and handsome

-Loving and all the petty stuffs.😒

The guys puts the stomach first. Some emphasize on the beauty.😒
Alright don’t get me wrong. For a relationship, some of these are equally important. But when it comes to marriage, My brother/sister you have to considered far more than all your peppermints.

Bank account and business:

Some girls would nod their heads at this. And use this as a yardstick to pressurize their spouse to make money.

Sorry to burst you bubbles, but that’s not it.

When we are talking about the bank and business, it involves both parties.

First of all, you need to know the kind of business your partner is dealing with so you don’t find any shocking discovering after marriage.

You sit and discuss which business you both can handle well and how it profits the family.

And most importantly, you both need to decide if you are having separate accounts or joint accounts, or the both. It is important to be clear on financial issues, because it really gets tricky during hard times.

Things you should consider before tying the knot


It is important to sit and discuss on this. If you are still single, you can wake up one morning and decide to be an accountant. But not when you’re married. Your career is something you discuss before marriage. As a female banker, you would have to state your decisions to either leave the profession or go on with it after marriage. Be sure your partner agrees with your profession before jumping into marriage only to have issues later on.

Family planning

When it comes to building a family, the lives of the parents aren’t the only thing to be considered. While babies sometimes creep up on you when you don’t plan for them, it’s best to be realistic, these are economically challenging times and you need money to build a family. You also need to consider your lifestyles and the size of your living space, be honest with how much you can take on. Other possible questions include what happens if one partner is infertile, are you open to fertility treatments or adoption? When is the right time to have children?

Most people think being in a marriage automatically means that having sex with a third party is no longer an option. Well, not really because you can set the rules in your marriage. Can you be committed to sleeping with one person for the rest of your life? Would you consider an open marriage? What does infidelity mean to you?

Is your husband planning to have another wife aside you?

 As awkward as it may sound, to each his own, the aim is to understand fully what you’re getting yourself into.


Things you should consider before tying the knot

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