Just A Taste 16πŸ˜‹

Just A Taste 16πŸ˜‹

Just A Taste 16πŸ˜‹


Just A Taste

Β©onyeneke Abel .August 2017 all rights reserved

Episode 16

NADIA: Maybe I didn’t know the extent of the damage. But seriously, how did Brenda find out it was Serena teaching me.

“Brenda, are you OK? What’s wrong with you? And who is Serena?”

I feigned the best character to suit my pretense.

She gave me that look. Took her steps backwards, and smiled like she had achieved something.

Of course she didn’t buy my scene.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you..”

I watched till she was out of sight before I let out a sigh of relief.

I had quickened my steps to my room. It was break time. And I was free to stroll around. But I had to resolve to my shell. When I mean my shell, I mean my room.

DANIEL: Brenda was foaming. I could tell. Yet she didn’t fall for my inquisitive charm to get the info out of her.

“It’s nothing”

Was all she kept telling me.

I could tell that all eyes were on us in the relaxation spot. ‘Wetin concern me’

I just had one problem now. I didn’t know how to get this Brenda to my bed. That my roommate, Akin. His eyes would be on us like torchlight. And there is no way she as a supervisor and a lady can venture into the guys hostel.

“I just wonder if there is a place we could just be alone?”

I suggested.

She forced a smile

“There is a place actually”

My ears stood at attention. But then, just as she opened her mouth, a text obstructed her. And killed my initial hopes. Who texted her at that moment eh? I had to spy to catch a glimpse of the text.

I couldn’t get the full text but I was able to catch “If Nadia knows. Bring her to me”

She quickly cautioned herself and turned to see if I was spying. Trust me nah. As a sharp guy. My eyes were on my own phone already.

My head began to race with thoughts, what was going on?

God. What had Nadia gotten herself into?


I was just by the door when I remembered Joyce. I froze and attempted to tiptoe away but the girl had to open up.

“Get in”

She ordered. And some how I just obeyed and bowed like a scared kid who committed a grievous offense.

“Joyce if I had..”

She didn’t even let me land.

“You know I picked you out of everyone. There are a million who would jump at this offer. But I chose you. Cos I wanted mum to brush you up, and save you from a disgrace”

I attempted to butt in again but she hushed me

“Do you have any idea? I gave a simple instruction, but you chose your ego over my mum’s identity”

Ok she was taking it too far. I didn’t damage anything nah. I just prepared the dish. How does that connect to Serena.

“Joyce, I just prepared the dish, what’s bad in that? She was going to disgrace me?”

Trust me, I left out the part where Brenda had confronted me.

With the present situation, that would spring forth fire.

“Because she wanted you too! How would you understand? When you are concerned about your pride?! I warned you not too. But you wouldn’t listen.. You wanna blow up everything right?! You are so dumb!”

I paused and tried to justify myself again

“Joyce, calm down”

I advised, although I knew I was in need of my own advice. My adrenaline was heating up already.

“Am sure she has spilled this to him now”

She was soliloquizing aloud.

“All because of your daft attitude!”

She barked at me again

Ok, I did something wrong but the insults was becoming unbearable.

“What is it?! If you had texted me in details I wouldn’t prepare it! If you were in my shoes you would do the same! Don’t play righteous here ok. And please don’t ever call me dumb. None of these gives you the right to insult me!”

I barked back. What is it self? Did I commit murder.

She was quiet. Strangely quiet. Staring at me. I was staring back.

“Nadia, your private lesson ends. From this minute. You are on your own!”

She dropped the bombshell and it exploded right in my brain.

Just A Taste


Β©onyeneke Abel .August 2017 all rights reserved


Just A Taste 16πŸ˜‹

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