Your opinion counts!☝

Your opinion counts!☝

​Hey there. Ok this is a section where your opinion would be required on some certain disturbing issues.

When I say disturbing, I mean true life issues that lives a question mark?

Ok let’s get straight to the point.

THE ISSUE: Now most of you guys can tell the height of a Three storey building. Really high huh?. Yea it’s high!

Now imagine someone falling from that building!😳

Ouch! Am pretty sure there would be little pieces to pick.

Now Vera and Sonia are siblings.

Vera the eldest with three grown up kids.

Well Sonia has been barren for 14years. Miraculously God gave her a bouncing baby boy.πŸ˜ƒ Although, the doctor stated she can’t really have another child because of the damage in her wombπŸ˜ͺ.

Now it Xmas holiday, Sonia’s baby boy is now 2years old. Vera misses the baby so much and really wants the boy to spend the Xmas holiday with her.

After much plea, Sonia allows her only son to spend just a week with her eldest sister. Hurray!!😁

Two days into the supposed holiday, Vera leaves for the market to get clothes for the baby boy. Leaving him in the care of her last son who is a corper already.

Well, you know young boys nah. Minutes later when he was sure our baby boy was asleep. He just strolled out, leaving the back door open.

Now understand that, they live in a 3 Storey building, with a faulty protector guide at the back yard.

Baby boy wakes up to notice the whole house empty. You know children nah, he cries so hard and finally found the backdoor open.

Without hesitation, he arrives there and attempted to touch the protector guide, which was unfortunately faulty.

Voomm! It gave way, but sharp baby. He was able to grab hold of the protector with his hands, but then he was just too weak to pull himself up. So, with tears he cried for help, since God had not made words possible for him at that stage.

Now a female neighbor had this cry. She quickly checked on her baby to see he was sound asleep.

Although the door was open to reach out to where the cry was coming from, she ignored because it wasn’t her baby.

The boy held up for close to an hour. Still she didn’t respond to the cry. It’s not her baby, so what’s her business.

Finally. With no strength left, he let go.

And bam! He landed from a three Storey building. We all know it’s a straight call to heaven!!

People gathered with Shouts and tears.

Vera returns from the market to meet her doom.

Her son returns bouncing with his earphone on.

The female neighbor cries out. “Ah! And I heard him crying for over an hour oh!”


– Assume you are Vera. How will you tell your sister that her only son, with no hope for another child. Is dead?

– Assume you are Sonia, will you believe your sister when she says it’s a mistake? would you ever forgive your sister?

– As a witness, what would you say about the female neighbor?

– oh before I forget.. What about Vera’s Son?

And finally, in this tragedy? Who is to blame?


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Your opinion counts!☝

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