Is he right for you?

We all look for our soul mates. Therefore, finding a guy who complements you is like the best thing ever. So, if you find a guy and you are wondering if he is the one, what you should be looking out for is compatibility. 

However, if you are just getting to know him, you may be wondering how to know you two are compatible. So here are few clues to watch out for so you will know if he is right for you. 

You miss them, but you don’t need them.

Sure, you spend the majority of your day thinking about them. You spend hours at work, thinking about their lips and their hands and their face. You spend your lunch break missing the way they wrapped their arms around you even when you weren’t cold. And then you spend your nights tossing and turning, wishing so desperately that they were beside you. That they were with you now.

… is it a sin?? (trauma) episode 8 & 9

Nnena couldn’t sleep, she has been having sleepless nights since she got into the family of Mrs. Chioma, she was also thinking about her ghosts’ parent. She was sobbing incessantly. “This world is full of scorn, contempt and disdain for the poor, we are regarded as nothing but ragtag, riffraff, trash and scum. 

Why love based on friendship would work better than friendship based on love!

True love is first evolutionary, before it is revolutionary. Revolutionary love is the kind that takes your world by storm, sweeps you off your feet and turns your world right side up or upside down. When most of us claim we are looking for love, this romantic elixir is what we are yearning for.