Life Phenomenon Episode 11

We decided to relax and unknowingly fell asleep!I woke up and stood to check the time, it was past 11pm,I was so surprised because we had started since about 8pm and I still haven’t cum,I thought of waking her up to continue our fun but I decided to go to the bathroom to take my shower, as I was about going into the bathroom I heard her call my name,so I had to invite her to come with me using that tactics to achieve my goal,she refused perhaps getting where I was driving at.

Life Phenomenon Episode 10

I inserted two of my finger into her Honey pot as she gasped and followed the way I was inserting it gently..after doing that for about five minutes she stood up from the bed and came down to where I was, still thinking of what she was up to,she touched my furious konji begging to leave the cage already and inserted it into her mouth.

Life Phenomenon Episode 9

My konji was already begging to move out from the cage it was with the sight of the fleshy parts it’s seeing.
She moved forward to me and started with me by kissing me so passionately,to be sincere Lilian is a very good kisser I’ve never met such a bad kisser all my life,it seems she learnt it on a purpose.


Hello’!I heard the feminine voice from the line.
‘Yes?’who am I speaking with please?I replied,since I didn’t know who was on the line and she didn’t make use of her number.
‘Oh!Sorry,it’s miss Lilian on the line. ‘She responded’
‘Oh..Lilian what’s up with you?’I replied in surprise.

Life Phenomenon Episode 7

I left them and went to see my friend pascal to explain my new plans to him but he frankly warned me not to try such act since it could destroy my relationship but I argued it with him,after all his efforts to warn me against it and I disagreed he left me and told me to count him out of the plans since he won’t want to be stained with such shameful act.

Why you shouldn’t use your phone on the toilet

Go on admit it, there’s a good chance you’re reading this article on the toilet.

Whether it’s falling down an Instagram rabbit hole or catching up on the latest Twitter debate (the one about how many towels we should own was particularly divisive), us Brits are never far from our smartphones, so much so that we even take them with us when we go to the loo.

Life Phenomenon Episode 6

That fateful day,she came over to my house with Lilian and decided to make us a meal that day,she suggested she take her friend along to the market to buy some foodstuffs but I disagreed and asked her to be left alone so that I can have a company to talk to and she reluctantly accepted since she trusted me which I really appreciated and decided to carry out my plans with Lilian,seeing her as a free lady I started a conversation with her.