Moon Walker 7πŸŒ–

An uncomfortable silence stood in between them as Arthur buttoned up his shirt. Sara thoughts were conflicted. First she didn’t know if she hurt him by going too far into his mind. Second, she was scared he might not want to touch her again. Third, she wanted more. Her desires still burned.

“You should go home now, school is closed for now”

His response was just what she expected.

Moon Walker 6 πŸŒ–

Arthur released his arm and made a stop sign.

“Hey! Easy boys, Let’s do it this way, I take the beating. You let her go unharmed”

Archer chuckled with a gesture.

“You wanna be the hero huh?”

He questioned, folding up his sweater to prepare a fist.

Sara couldn’t believe what she heard. She held his arm and stood on her toes to reach for his ears.

“What are you doing?”

Moon Walker 3πŸŒ–

It was reality now. Jade had an accident. Sara could sense the moment he had brake failure. Good thing is, he could still breathe. There was still hope.

“Mum is off to the hospital”

Tori announced while she applied her makeup.

“And there Tori sits with her mirror”

Sara scorned.

“So? it’s not like they would have hit jamz in an hospital Ward”

Tori turned to